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Glad you enjoyed it. Wasn’t sure what to expect when I read the headline.

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The headline sucked me in. :slight_smile:

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I was unaware of this. Thanks.

While I do not like it conceptually, why is this an issue for Congress? It is not illegal.

Good question. My guess is they’re looking for clarification of specific aspects of the program. I have not read Spotify’s description of the new mode. Maybe specific details of it are vague?

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Buying direct seems cheaper than sites like Amazon.

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If I am reading this correctly, this “scheme” is akin to the payola scandals of the late 1950s, except that the out in the clear payments made back then for increased airplay are now disguised as “promotional” or reduced payments to the artists and labels for added exposure. Same thing, in essence.

Unless the laws have been rescinded, I believe that it would be covered by the same laws that were used in the U.S. during payola scandals in the late 50s that destroyed Alan Freed and numerous lesser known people in the industry.

Uninteresting articles … the Billboard story on Don Was is for “Pros Only”, couldn’t read that. The Forbes story on Apple is one of four free views! Except the free view was 3/4 ads, one of which was playing over part the text. I know these websites need revenue, but so many make it truly an awful experience and I never want to go back. Sorry to be a crab, but I had to say it … and no offense to the posters.


My apologies @pmotz . I was able to read them, although the Don Was was apparently an abbreviated article taken from a longer piece. I stopped posting articles from Rolling Stone because they now require a digital subscription. I try not to post ones with a ton of pop up ads, but I’ve noticed the amount of ads can vary depending on the device I’m using.


No apologies needed!

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