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Interesting that he writes the following about DSD:

"It’s important to understand that human ears can only hear analog information. We cannot hear PCM digital audio, only PCM processed audio, in the analog domain. Avatar testing consistently and repeatably identifies if a recording has been PCM processed. For example, an LP which has been PCM processed can be identified as such. The same for a DSD recording. C Wave eliminates the effects of PCM digital audio processing although we only hear analog audio.

Note: pure DSD tends to test like pure analog. However, as there are almost no DSD workstations, what’s marketed as DSD is usually PCM processed audio converted to DSD, and has the same problems as all PCM processed audio."


If one looks carefully, the laser etched “MightyCat” processor, you’ll see it is actually a Renesas D2-74083 chip. (a PCM SoC)

So when you get right down to it, you’re shelling out more than $13,000.00 for a 2 channel class D SoC which has no more than 94dB of dynamic range, 0.01 THD, -80dB crosstalk and CCMR of only -70dB. This is $300 of parts comparable to even the most modestly priced AVR’s. The Renesas D2-74083 was intended for HTiB and soundbars…

There is nothing earthshaking in this design, or it’s execution. It’s marketing…

He is most definitely “out there”.

Based on his name, I guess he was predestined to be in the audio business.

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I think Daniel Hertz is just the company name.
From the website
“Mark Levinson formed Daniel Hertz in 2007 to create new audio technology that brings us closer to the emotion of live music and replaces the marketing-driven business model of the industry, putting honesty, engineering, and the customer first”.

The company name combines the given name of Levinson’s father with his mother’s family name. His father Daniel Levinson was a professor of psychology at Yale University, and his mother Maria is a grandniece of German physicist Heinrich Hertz after whom the scientific unit for cycles-per-second is named.


It was only a matter of time before biocomputing became a fledgling commercial offering.

Final Spark – 6 May 24

How FinalSpark Wants to Contribute to a Low Carbon Future. The Energy-saving…

One of the trade-offs of today’s technological progress is the big energy costs necessary to process digital information.

Neat to know that there is a real connection.

Whew! Glad that is settled.


An Unforgettable Discovery: The Story Behind the Nat King Cole Live at the Blue Note Chicago Tapes | Newcity Music I live around Chicago and thought that this is a fascinating read of the city’s musical history. I just ordered it from Amazon.

Thanks for sharing. Some great insights on Chicago’s Blue Note Club. Yes, the Nat King Cole Live at the Blue Note is on its way as well.

Now watch Live at Mister Kelly’s. You can rent it on Amazon or buy the disc. The Sarah Vaughn live at Mister Kelly’s lp is very good.

One I have, and I agree completely. Sarah Vaughan relaxed and enjoying herself.
Wasn’t aware of the video.

Is this the DVD you refer to?


No. She is a part of the Mister Kelly’s doc. There is an album by her recorded at m.k…

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Scientists can implant a chip into your brain that can make even Folgers taste orgasmically good.


The Live at Mr Kellys album I have and for those who do not I can easily recommend it.