Interesting Observations - Toe-in and Dectet

I would like to share two interesting observations with you.

(1) I don’t have amazing speakers yet but the Stellar SGCD and S300 do make my polk monitor towers sing. I have noticed my toe-in has major effects on how these speakers image and how they balance. Toe in to my listening position they are too directional and the speakers do not disappear. Pointed behind my head a few inches is really good but gives a diffuse image. On a whim I tried going to the other direction and toeing in so they intersect 6 inches in front of my head. Wow this is interesting! Very precise imaging with disappearing speakers and dramatically improved bass and midbass. Also, since the left is 40 inches next to corner and right is open, they balance each other much better this way.

(2) Even though it is recommended to keep DAC and amplifier in different zones on the Dectet, I decided to try the SGCD in the HC zone with the S300. This results in clearly improved SQ in my system. More transparency, clearer midbass with less congestion, more air, and more natural vocals.