Triton 3+ and SGCD/S300

Just brought home a pair of Triton 3+'s yesterday.

They sound amazing with the SGCD/S300. I need to experiment with where stuff is plugged in (i’m gonna wait till they break in a bit). I have 2 dedicated lines and a dectet.

Back to sound, the speakers image exceptionally well considering one side is open and one is a corner.The left speaker in the corner is about 37.5 inches from the side wall and 39 from the rear wall. Toe in is right at me so sides of baffle are equal width is the best so far. I tried less and more than that. More was too bright and did something weird to the bass, less was a little blurry.The 3’s just disappear even toed right in, its quite amazing. absolutely nothing beams at you, they just disappear.

Very musical pairing between the Stellar and the Triton3+. The subs are really amazing not just cause i can fine tune to placement but also to bass level in the recordings. Very tight bass and the timing of the tweeter is amazing.

They are wonderful speakers. I am eager to read your reports as you settle in with them.

DSD conversion via Audirvana makes these things sing beautifully.

PCM vs DSD, the bass is night and day different.

DSD is musical and live… you can crank the bass and it sounds like bass from a rock concert. PCM bass sounds like bass coming from a stereo… bloated… masking.

Highs are so beautifully detailed even with Linkin Park:)

I noticed during Portishead (Numb) when the snare is hit I can hear the metal of the drum resonating very realistically… and her voice is so real sounding.

The Stellar really sounds great with these! I don’t feel like I’m missing anything from when I demoed… they have Nagra DAC, pre, and amp that are many multiples my setup.

Are you ready for a curve ball?

The Tritons have better musicality and huge increase in Timbre accuracy with the STOCK fuse in SGCD!

I’ve had my Triton 3+'s for about a month and a half now approximately. I’ve been very happy but I decided to experiment today since I hae two dedicated 20A lines.

Previous setup had the Stellar DAC, and S300 both going to the wall on one 20A circuit both with AC-5s. The tritons were going to my Dectet (in the HC section) that then went to the other circuit. The other plug was taken up by my Sbooster linear power supply that powers my Sonore Ultrarendu.

New setup moved things around.

Amp still straight to wall but then moved the DAC to the HC section of the Dectet and put the Sbooster linear power supply in the other isozone. The tritons now are on the other circuit but straight to the wall.

The SQ difference is night and day. I had to repeat the configuration change a few times to make sure which was better… its very different sounding.

The new configuration there is much less boxy midbass boom, deeper lows, and clearer highs. Drums are faster. Also, it sounds like the whole system can breathe or something. Vocals are more fleshed out, meat on the bones per se.

Also I have posted in the other thread about playing with asymmetrical toe in to balance out the fact that one side is open and the other is in the corner. An interesting byproduct of changing where things are plugged in is it sounds so much more seamless, everything is blending much better. I will have to play with the speaker toe in a bit now to see how things change but I think i’m keeping this new configuration.