Interference noise emitting out of speakers when using power plant 3

I am hearing a scratchy interference noise emitting from my speakers when using my power plant 3. The noise is eliminated If I plug my streamer directly into my power outlet bypassing the PP3. Any recommendations?

It’s just the streamer that doesn’t like to be plugged in? All of your other gear is happy being plugged into the P3?

This is the only issue I have noticed. Like I said, if I bypass the P3, the noise is gone.

That just seems very bizarre. Are you running a preamp in the system? If so, do you only get this noise if you have the input selected that the streamer is using?

Thank you for following up on this. Here is what I have making the hum and noise, Naim Uniti Nova with Tannoy DC10A speakers attached to the Naim via banana plugs. Nova plugged into the PS3. PS3 plugged into a dedicated wall outlet. The noise is gone if I bypass the PS3 and plug the Naim directly into the wall outlet.