Stellar Power Plant 3 Question

I am a new user of a Stellar PP3 and just got curious as I am using Decware DHC-1 power cables. It is hard to fit the ends to the back of the PP3 so if I move the rack sometimes it loses it connection? I tried really hard to push the power cables inside but I feel like there is a lock in the PP3 sockets?

I recently purchased the Stellar PP3 and noticed the receptacles (power sockets) were quite tight. I think PS Audio does this intentionally so that you get a very solid connection, but it does require a fairly good push to get the power plugs to fully seat in the receptacles.

True, I thought I got it all the way in but it really needs a push all the way down.

Does anyone know if the P3 filters out RFI and EMI?

It doesn’t filter rfi or emi out but it lowered my noise floor especially me having a tube phono pre and tube amp.

I was running a tube amp through the SP3 regenerated but the highs were very, very harsh, pretty much unlistenable. I switched to the HF and it toned down the shredding of the highs. Never noticed that when using the Dectet. Not sure if there is an improvement over the Dectet.

I have a manly chinook phono pre amp and I would love to lower the noise floor I was considering SP3 what phono pre-are you running .
I will be buying the SPP .

I’m using a Rogue Audio Ares Magnum for phono and a Cronus Magnum. I don’t notice any sound quality issues using my Cronus to the HC. Actually, I’ve enjoyed listening more as I got a deep blacker background as it lowered my noise floor.

Great thank you for the information I am going to order one and give it a try.

If you don’t mind me asking what is the max watts power draw of your amp? Have you noticed if the green light changes to red for a second or two. I am thinking maybe I have a bad SP3. It was unbelievably harsh sounding in regeneration which is unusual for tubes. If anything tubes are on the warm side.

I believe 300w let me double check on my kill a watt meter. Mine doesn’t change color to red. I haven’t notice. Once it turns on it is always green.

I’ll get back to you next week once I get back.

Thank you. My tube amp is 300 watt and 500 watt max power requirement. 200 watts at idle.

That doesn’t sound right. Call PS CS. Though they’re busy with RMAF this weekend.

I intend to call Monday. They were pretty busy with the audio fest during the week.