Is an ordinary duplex cross-contamination protected?

About the title.

No because in most instances they share a single neutral and hot wire and ground. Worse yet they may just be a branch on a series of outlets. Multiple points for injection of noise. Except in split receptacles where they are separate runs.

Thought so. Should I have a dedicated line with a single outlet for best results? Then a conditioner or power plant from there.

Ideally. With a Quantum Orange fuse!

Furutech offers single outlet receptacles. I use Furutech duplex but I use the lower outlets for power and the upper for noise reduction devices.

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Now that’s a sight to see!
Are those mesh shielded power cables?
What gauge is that? What geometry?
Also do you have special romex?

The power cables are the equivalent to 4.5 Gauge. The receptacle is on a dedicated circuit that is a short run from the breaker panel possibly 12 feet of cable.

Say, is a duplex with the other socket fitted with a noise harvester of sorts actually better than having a dedicated line terminate into a single socket… With the single socket won’t we get marginally better matching of the leads and the socket contacts since they never have to be “halved” for two? Am I thinking too simply here?