Is terrible jitter inherent in streaming?

I store my Hi-Res music files in my desktop’s HDD like most non-HiFi people, and then I would use Audirvana to send the music to my Lumin U1 mini via UPnP with a normal ethernet cable.

Does a method like that guarantee a lot more jitter compared to playing CDs and others? Are there ways to reduce jitter for streaming devices?


(Satisfied user of Stellar P3 btw)

I won’t talk about jitter or anything like that. My first experience with streaming was 10 years back with Naim Uniti Serve which I used to rip my CDs and stream them using to a Naim Uniti2 over UPNP protocol. I thought the sound was fantastic, until a friend said that I should get a decent digital coaxial cable to connect the server/player BNC output to the streamer’s coaxial input. I realised this was not like a LAN connection. Sound quality improved immensely. I upgraded my server, and changed many things over the years, but could fully enjoy streaming only by adding Matrix XSpdif 2, and later on Melco S100 switch. So, a bland LAN connection may need some enhancements.

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