Suggestion for a NAS or streamer with local storage

This is my set up:

External thunderbolt hard drive containing my music > iMac > Router/modem > Ethernet cable > Bridge II / Direct Stream DAC.

The computer is in a spare bedroom about 30 ft away.

I feel like the throwaway modem/router that Frontier provides might be compromising my speed of operation and sound quality.

Would I see any advantage by using a NAS or a streamer with local storage (like an Aurender N100H) parked by my system?

I would prefer to keep using the Bridge if possible.


I posted about using a NAS here.

I don’t have your exact modem/router, so I can’t say for sure what will happen. My suspicion is that you might get better sound quality but not better speed.

I’m using JRiver so I’m thinking it may be loading music into a buffer before sending it on? It takes a couple seconds to load up when changing albums, but from song to song, it plays as expected.

It does have trouble when you 1st start up the system, JRemote does not always connect and you have to restart it a couple times.

As for the sound, I’m wondering if the Digital Lens or other circuits in the Bridge II are correcting any damage done by the router/modem?