Is the private promotion legit?

I got an email that looks like it came from Scott last night, talking about a “secret promotion” - is that legit?

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I received a similar email. Looked legitimate to me. Unfortunately, I’m not in the market for any of the items being offered (although the discounted price of the SPP is very tempting…) If you have any concerns, my recommendation would be to phone PSA directly and remove all doubt. :+1:

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Yes - it seemed to me that the letter acknowledged that they (just like a lot of companies) are facing shortages and delays in getting circuits and other supplies to keep things in stock, but then talked about a promotion with discounts that could cause even more of a backlog? I also noticed the phrase “even in some cases being forced to redesign circuits to meet current availability”. I figure right now it’s a little early in Colorado, so I’ll wait a bit.

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Yes, totally. It’s not “secret” but rather just private as we weren’t going to make it a big public thing.


Thanks for confirming! Can’t be too careful nowadays. What are you doing up? Go back to sleep - oh, I guess it’s not all that early anymore.

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5:30 in the morning finds me answering emails. :slight_smile: Though, I am leaving Friday for a short vacation to celebrate my wife’s birthday and her request to me for her present is I leave the computer behind and answer or view no emails for 6 straight days. Gulp.


That is actually a very healthy request. You have some very talented staff,PSA will still be there when you get back… ENJOY…


Indeed, though the reality is my email load doesn’t get answered by staff or go away. It just piles up until I return. Still, a healthy request I shall honor (mostly. I still have my phone).


Be brave - we’re pulling for you. Speaking of that, just pulled the trigger on the phono stage.


I fully relate. While I have staff, my work just piles up if I take a vacation.

I am sure this is common. :frowning:


Good luck on that.

Good point. Upon return 4 or 500 emails is kinda daunting. Maybe the phone can make it a bit more manageable while not detracting from your well deserved time off and family obligations…

The key of course is balance.

And while your away on some beach in Mexico ( pure guess) I’m going to explore my new P12. Tough task, but someone has to do it.

Safe Travels !

You will only have 12 days of work, and emails, piled up when you return. At least that was how it always worked for me.

The Stellat Phono Pre is a steal at regular price!

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I didn’t see an email come through yet so it’s probably caught in the spam filter. I’m not in the market for anything but I’ve been known to be tempted in the past. What’s in the offering?

There are sale prices on many PSA products. Let’s not discuss the specifics here publicly as it is meant to be a private sale. :slight_smile:

PM me if you cannot find the email in your spam directory.

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It’s odd. Some correspondence from PSA makes it through the spam filter but some don’t. Anything caught usually shows up on a list for me to review and release within 24 hours. If I don’t see it tomorrow I’ll take you up on the PM offer.

Good thing PSA doesn’t make turntables. That’s the only thing I’m actively considering upgrading.



I heard that Schiit has given up on trying to make the Sol work.

Spam filters can be a pain. There should be a method to white list what you want to see.

Do let me know if you do not see the email, I am happy to help.

I have been swamped with unwanted emails during the last two months, at least 50% is porn related, very infuriating. Does anyone know of a reliable blocker for my my PC and iPhone, so they won’t take the crap?

Should I change my email address and phone number?