Wishes Upcoming PSA Perfect Wave Phono Pre

Our wishes about the new Phono Preamp.

What we know:

  • @darren Myers is working to it
  • range line between Stellar Phono (2,5 k) and coming BHK Signature Phono (20k)
  • DirectStream chassis (no touch screen, similar to next DSD DAC or new Perfect Wave SACD Transport)
  • Solid state - no tubes
  • no ADC - only analog output (XLR and RCA) no digital converter (i2s and so on)
  • Q3-Q4 2021 expected launch

What we wish:

  • hi-quality phonostage improving analog SQ vs design or digital unnecessary optional tools
  • price range 5k-7k
  • really better than Stellar Phono
  • synergistically aimed to work with BHK Preamp
  • adjustment resistance knob (or other) not on the rear side - uncomfortable to use
  • display informations more clear than stellar model ~ able to be seen from listening seat and to be set by remote control

Hope this thread will offer suggestions and ideas to PS Audio team from members who love vinyls and are excited waiting for the new product

Thank you.

Who is “we”?

I mean everybody loving PS Audio products and reading this Forum… of course.

A mono switch. Please!


This is what I’m waiting for. Hurry up Darren.