Is there a dedicated forum for DS Jr owners?

Is there a dedicated forum for DS Jr owners?

WOW, four days of burn-in of the DS Jr. and I just don’t know what to say. Incredible, better than vinyl, transporting, heroin for audiophile?
I cannot imagine the DS Dac is any better, I think they just say the DS Dac is a little better so that some people spend the extra money.

I am using Quicksilver Audio KT66 MidMonos, Rothwell interconnects, Hsu Sub, Cat7 Data cable, PS Audio AC3 Cable, and 12 Gauge copper appliance wire and Boston VR850’s.



No, there is not, but there is a lot of discussion of the DS Jr. in the DAC forum, here.

You can also use the search function to look for specific topics in which you are interested.

VI have a DSjr. Owner, even I changed DSD to DSjr. In my opinion, since DSjr is firmwared with Redclould which is remarkable, there are no differences between DSD and DSjr. about the sound. As you know, DSD and DSjr have same flatform. Now being 20 x DSD upsampling both units, not 10 x DSD early models, I am sure sound qulity is same. (I guess DSjr is a liitle bit more powerful.) The reason why I’m changed to DSjr from DSD is smaller with Zero-loss volume knob,including the Bridge II. Acutually, I didn’t like big Colorful LCD , My DSjr shows perfect simple imformation on the screen that looks like HIGHEND such as the Sectet II for better Qsound quality. You have to know about this, DSJ is new latest model with PSA’s technology intergrate in a competitive price.

Yeah! Thanks. Do we need a dedicated forum or subtopic?

I would like dedicated group but I am usually obsessive :wink:

IMHO the basic DAC is identical between Sr and Jr and therefore 95% of all conversation threads in the DAC forum is about the DAC software. So there is a lot to learn for both camps by keeping it together. If you did break apart Sr and Jr into their own Forums then I’d find myself monitoring two instead of the current one.

I understand, Thank you,