Is this Schitt of any value with my Jr.?

So I’m not at the level most of you are but I am 100% digital running a simple Roon/Win10 PC system with a USB direct to a Jr. I stream Spotify and of course have everything from MP3 to 24/192 Jazz on Roon.

Question- is the below of any value in line? I hear about decrapifiers, Jitterbugs etc. Would this add any value or merely detract? The company is known for pretty good stuff so I thought I would ask. I apologize in advance if this is just a noob question…

Just connect your USB source to Eitr’s USB input, and connect Eitr’s coaxial SPDIF output to any DAC that accepts coaxial input. Now, you have complete isolation from source to DAC, together with a superb, low-jitter coaxial SPDIF interface for bit depths and sample rates up to 24/192.

I have no experience with the Schitt but have throughly enjoyed the improvement this made when going from PC running Roon ROCK into Directstream.

I have a custom music server on the way and will be selling the Matrix in a few weeks.

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What is your intent? Isolate noise and anything electrical between the devices? Reduce any jitter in the line? There are cheaper ways. I installed the Audioquest Jitterbug to isolate noise between my computer and the JR… $60.00. Did it work? I dunno, I can’t tell. Maybe I didn’t spend enough money? Ted attempted to remove all of this inside his box and from what I can tell, he did.

I have a contrarian opinion (and experiences) to many audiophiles… for me, unless I am specifically addressing a known problem, I consider these things tweaks. Tweaks to me are useless… (even though I may drink a few beers and then occasionally hit CLICK in Amazon for the heck of it). Even if I can hear a difference, it doesn’t mean it is better. Just me…

YMMV (as with all this stuff)

Bruce in Philly

I largely agree with your synopsis. My question (goal) revolved around if perhaps something like this is a “no brainer”. Perhaps running a USB w/o an isolation device is not the most prudent thing to do. I did get a Jitterbug. Does it help?- I’m not sure either. I guess to me I am asking - is this a “tweak” or something most of us should be doing to isolate noise etc on the line due to the inherent properties of a USB connection. The unit in question is made by a reputable company and is not expensive. Sometimes a little thing can make a big difference so I thought I would pique the brain trust a bit and see what the response was. Thanks for the input.

I don’t believe the Jitterbug is considered do much, if anything…wasn’t it one of the first devices of the type.

I can say, for me in my system, the Matrix converting from USB, using $3 spec cable from standard PC running Linux, to I2S into Directstream is unmistakably better in every way. Music is easier, fuller, quieter, more dynamic. @Bootzilla uses one as well and concurs.

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I use one of these.

Converts / Splits USB to I2s and S/PDIF…I2s has very low jitter…

If the Jr works like the Sr then I wouldn’t bother buying that. The network bridge inside the Jr outputs native I2S to the DAC. For downloaded files I would just look into something like JRiver to sent audio to the Jr via UPnP. Other than the dedicated I2S input on the Jr, the network bridge is going to be the best sounding input you can use without adding add-on devices like the one you’re interested in. As for streaming. the bridge should show up in Spotify as a Spotify Connect device and that’s how you’d use your Bridge to listen to Spotify.

Thank you- good info. However I do not use the bridge at all. I am straight USB from Roon/PC server to Jr. I stream via PC and of course use Roon. I have jRiver, but initially I had trouble getting it set up with the Jr, so I tried Roon. It worked immediately and I never looked back. Most every feature is off in Roon (upsampling etc) as I figure the DAC does the better job. I do use WASAPI and Event mode.

It looks like there are a few options but I guess maybe adding in equipment is personal preference. I have a good USB cable and my guess is buying a great one won’t really make a difference in audible quality. Perhaps neither will another box but this is good stuff to research (ie the above products). I’m learning a bit which is always a good thing.

The Bridge is a Roon end point. So there’s no reason why you couldn’t try it.

I like some of Shiit’s…stuff, but don’t see any particular value in converting USB to coax, as it’s not necessarily a better input. I have found galvanic isolation to be helpful and clearly audible. That is to say a two-box deal, so your one USB cable becomes two, with two boxes and an ethernet cable in between. So not cheap. Can easily approach a grand. But I never heard any improvement from a Jitterbug (or two), and the Uptone USB Regen made stuff sound worse to me. YMMV.

Many Bridge adherents similarly galvanically isolate with an ethernet/fiber/ethernet chain.

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Then it’s settled- I need a new amp and speakers…

Just kidding, thanks everyone for the input. I have learned a bit and got some great ideas and opinions.

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