Should I, or shouldn't I... That is the question

A few months ago I purchased a new SGCD, here in the UK, and today its been suggested by 1 or 2, that having an Audioquest “Jitterbug” on the USB input would make a difference. My Question to those who know more than me (which is most) is it it worth considering?

Jitter bug worked great with my personal computer UsB out. I tried it with Roon Nucleus to DAC, and it did nothing.

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I believe that most people don’t favor it, and that was my experience.

I use a Jitterbug with my USB and there was a difference that I noticed immediately when I first used it. There was more detail and a “blacker” background.

And it is a relatively inexpensive upgrade.

While I was still using a laptop, I personally bought the “Jitterbug” and did not really help.
However, I was introduced to the Intona professional USB isolator ~5 years ago, and was so impressed that I bought one.
Even though I have since switched to using an Innuos Zenith MK3 music server, I decided to keep the Intona professional USB isolator in case I ever need to temporarily go back to the laptop.
The Intona really made a significant improvement.
If you buy one, you should buy the professional one: a bit more expensive, but made with better components.

When I was using my Mac Mini, I bought 2 of these Jitterbugs. I was told even if you put a second one on the unused output, it will even be better. They did help the sound a little, but very minor. I then got the Uptone USB Regen. That was much better. That you can really hear. Then I replaced the Uptone with the Ifi USB Purifier 3 and that was another improvement. Now with the Matrix x-spdif USB to I2s converter, the Purifier 3 still helps, but my 2 Jitter Bugs are in the garbage because they actually made the sound worst. You can just get one Jitter Bug, and go no further, but it is very small difference if there is any difference at all.