Joining the HiFi Family

“Joining the HiFi Audiophile Family”
by Byrdman (2020)

I really need better audiophile grade speakers.
Damn, I should have gone with Magnepan speakers.
I really need to augment my speakers with a subwoofer.
Damn, I really need another subwoofer for smoother stereo bass.
What the hell is a high level input??
Damn, I really wish I knew about REL before buying two subwoofers.
I need a better amplifier.
Damn, I should have bought an amplifier with tubes.
I need a better DAC.
Damn, I should have bought a DAC with MQA and certified Roon Ready.
I don’t need a preamplifier. The best preamplifier, is no preamplifier.
Damn, I need a high end preamplifier of premium quality.
I need a Roon music server.
Damn, my music server really needs a high end linear power supply.
I need to improve my room with acoustic treatment.
Damn, this acoustic treatment is ugly as f**k!
I really don’t why my room doesn’t sound much better after treatment.
Damn, I just realized this room is a square!
I really need to build a listening room from scratch.
Damn, I’m broke now, but this new listening room kicks sonic ass!
In this new room, my speakers don’t sound as good.
Damn, I really need better audiophile grade high end speakers.

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@Byrdman very good, we are all down with you.
Unfortunately, you may be behind the rest of us travelers. :smile:

Very good. I can recommend one of these - you won’t be disappointed.

Which one, the front or the back? :smile: