New Rel sub finally here

I have been seeking another Rel sub the S8/12 in particular, after my poor regard for having to use the Low Level RCA connection after getting a pair of M700 amps ( S300 previously). So the dealer came yesterday, and wired everything up right, going back to the High Level Neutrik connections (obviously one sub per amp connection) Was Time to give them a test run, so on with my favourite Pipe Organ tracks, recorded with a lot of 32’ 16 Hz fundamentals going on. Then played some AC/DC and Dire Straits to show some of the bass content on my "go to " tracks… WOW, I was blown away, not just by the sheer deep tight bass, but also some of the improved mid to low frequencies.
I do not have a very high end system, (Amphion Argon 3LS speakers) but its what I can afford.


I might get a pair of them myself. I want white ones though.


I also have been bitten hard by a pair of Rel subwoofers! Life will never be the same I’m afraid. Enjoy the 812’s!

That is a lovely rig. Congratulations!

Thank you

I have a pair of Rel S510s. What that did to my system was intense. Like @paul172 said, life (and my stereo) will never be the same.

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The high level connection is very underrated! I can’t believe what it does to a two channel set up. I’ve had SVS SB16 and now JL Audio Fathom 113’s x2. Borrowing @minnesotafats No. 25 subwoofers has been transformational! The biggest upgrade is still the P20 it improved every component two channel and home theater. The Rel 25’s are a very close second! Something tells me the line array of subs would move it past the P20 in my personal ranking!! I’m ruined. If some don’t already know I own line source electrostats and the subwoofer is a must!! The Rel is the best I’ve heard.


Nice kit, and with the underrated (IMO) Anthem processor (ARC is the bomb), I’ll bet you have the speakers and subs dialed in nicely with the strengths and weaknesses of your current room/room set up.



Congratulations…nice subs

Welcome to the Dual Rel S812 family my second one still in box with some Iconoclast BAV REL cables sitting on top of the unopened box - need to find some time in my life :frowning: - next weekend for sure

Nice looking system :slight_smile: just got sexier


Now you need another two so you can stack 4 subs!

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noooooooooooooo, 2 is quite enough, am not Rockefeller :grin:

Nice Setup. What brand are your tower speakers? I would like to check them out.

they are the Amphion 3LS, superb speakers, a lot more would have to be spent to get better imho Argon3LS – Amphion Loudspeakers

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Speaker Review: Amphion Argon 3LS - YouTube :+1:t2: