June 2017 Stereophile BHK Signature Preamplifier Rave Review

Jim Austin pens a very favorable review in the June 2017 issue:

“…PS Audio’s BHK Signature preamp is one of the finest audio components I’ve had in my home.”


Just read the review last night - it started out a little negative, and I was thinking “uh oh, where’s this going…”, but I think that was done for dramatic effect, since in the end it was unequivocally positive.

I read the review over the weekend. Once I waded through Austin’s excess flourish (I DO wish Stereophile would get the message we’re busier than ever and want to cut to the meat), there was a great review buried in it. I happen to be one of those audiophiles who value objective measurements in concert with subjective impressions of the component, so I found JA’s glowing objective assessment to be added testament to the quality of BHK’s engineering and PSA’s execution.

Nicely done Paul, Bascom and all the crew at PS Audio.

Any chance PS Audio will buy the rights to a PDF copy they can use in their website? :smiley:

Thanks, guys! We’ll do our best to get a copy posted.