Just getting into Hifi, help guide.. (component recommendations)


So I’ve found a reveiw on the interwebs of the Chromcast Audio. While bit perfect at 24/96, its Toslink connection is apparently quiet jittery. Does the Stellar DAC buffer and reclock everything before sending it on down the line?


It does reclock but I’ve noticed significant benefits in my system running a Spdif Ipurifier in between my tv optical and SGCD.

And would you believe the power supply makes a difference on Spdif reclocker performance :slight_smile:


Just looked the Ipurifier up. Sweet, everyone seems to agree this little sucker works! I’ll grab one.


How do you have things plugged into AC?


I don’t have anything just yet. It’ll be a few weeks before I order any of the components.


Thanks for sharing that, I always like reading Archimago’s work - very detailed and thorough with his measurements.

I’ve not noticed any audible imperfections caused by the jitter in my Chromecast Audio going to my GCD, though I don’t doubt that something like the iPurifier would be a great addition :grin:


If I were to get a Maggie DWM Bass Panel, what would be the best way to power one? Would an S300 be enough to power 2 1.7i and a DWM? The DWM is split into two drivers that each can accept an input. Do I wire each side in series or parallel? Wiring in parallel would put only a 2 Ohm load on the S300, which I imagine it would not like.