Thinking on getting Maggie 1.7i

I’m a real P/S fan boy BHK preamp, BHK 250 Amplifier, Directstream Memory Player, PerfectWave DAC, AC12 & AC3 Power Cables, Power Port AC outlets. This setup is my end game except maybe another set of speakers anyone else on this forum have a similar system to mine using the Maggie 1.7i would like to know your take on these speakers from a personal experience using them.

Over the past several years I have morphed into an all PSA system, DMP/DACSR/
BHK pre/ 300’s with Iconoclast cables and Shunyata cords ( I guess a fan boy as well)
and the only constant is the 1.7’s. Not suggesting they are the holy grail but can’t beat
them for the money. Lots of good advise on this forum (see planar speakers). My take
is if you have the room, power (was good with the 250) and favor top-to-bottom
accuracy over in-your-chest thrills, they could be good for you.

When it comes to Bass for me it’s more about quality than quantity and I have a somewhat small room to work with all tough the only thing occupying the room is my hifi rig. Have you tried any aftermarket stands for your 1.7i’s. It seems that the stock stands are just adequate at best from what I’ve been reading on the web and some are saying a well braced frame can take these to a whole new level what’s your take on this subject?

As always: at the price point you don’t get anything better anywhere near it in case you can place them accordingly! and prefer realistic big sound. This is valid at least up to the 15-20k range imo. From there, there are other alternatives, too, depending on priorities and preferences.

I had the 1.7i and felt it was an awesome loudspeaker. For my personal tastes I don’t know of anything close in price that can touch it. I spent the extra money on Mye stands and felt it was a worthwhile upgrade. Despite the fact that my room is technically too small, I eventually upgraded from the 1.7i to 3.7i which do everything a bit better than the 1.7i. With the level of equipment in your system I would recommend spending the extra $$ and getting the 3.7i if they’ll work in your room. My room plays larger than it actually is as one corner opens up into two other rooms so the bass quality is actually pretty good. BTW I also have the PSA DS DAC, BHK Pre and BHK 250.

I only have just under 12 feet in width to work with so I think the 3.7i would account for to much of the width of this room.

I have my 3.7s in a room that is ~ 11’ 2". Technically this is too small because I can’t get them three feet from the side walls, but IMHO they still sound really good although not as good as I know they are capable of sounding in a larger room.

A lot of guys put theirs as close as 6” to side walls and claim it helps bass extension. Check out audioasylum on the planar board and search for ‘ limage’

Thanks for that info. Mine are currently 1 foot 1 inch from the sidewall (outermost edge of 3.7 to wall) so now I may experiment and move them another 6 inches closer. It would seem with the figure eight dispersion pattern dipoles exhibit that having them closer than 3 feet to the wall wouldn’t be a big deal. I’ll have to see if I can find that discussion on audioasylum.

Yes. Tweeters on the inside. I imagine you are wall to wall sound. How deep is your room?

The room is about 16 and a half feet long. The 3.7s are about 4.5 feet away from the wall behind them. I think the room plays bigger than the physical dimensions would suggest because the corner behind the left speaker is open to two other rooms. Not ideal for imaging, but it seems to work. Yes, I have the tweeters on the inside. Last night auditioning Windom for the first time I was getting some amazing imaging. Speakers disappeared and there was a 3D orb of sound suspended between the speakers.

Yah. I think windom definitely does that. That is a good description.

Do you have Magnepans as well?

Yes. I have the 20.7. :). That’s why I get geeked when someone starts talking about them!! Lol

I’m jealous. What I wouldn’t give for a bigger room and a pair of 20.7s. Nirvana.

Ha. I love them. I planned this. My wife wanted to move and my current room had low ceilings. So every house we went into I looked for ‘the’ room or a basement that could make it happen. She’d be up looking at the kitchen and I’d be in the basement walking out the width of the basement - wanting 17’. And I got it. :slight_smile: had an unfinished basement and went 17x30. Then got the mags about 3 years later

I can totally relate. Any time I go into a new house I think about where my hi-fi system would go! Too funny. So you have a dedicated basement…that’s like the ultimate. A place where you can totally disengage from the world and be in your own space. I suppose you have the BHK Monos too?

I do not have the monos. I’ve thought of the monos…and continue to think about them. I have a sunfire signature amp which I think is pretty great. But… I have thought about the monos. Lol

I have the BHK 250 and the BHK Pre. I was going direct from the DSD to an ATI Class D Amp and then bought the Pre. Huge improvement to my surprise. Being the neurotic audiophile I am, I immediately started thinking about what the 250 might do as far as system synergy. The 250 was an improvement, but it took some time to really appreciate it. I understand the 3.7s were used in the development phase of the 250 as they wanted to make sure the 250 could handle the low impedance dips the 3.7s exhibit.

What did the 250 do as far as pushing the bass panels of your 3.7s?