Just Ordered a Netgear Orbi Wireless Mesh System

Hi, I just ordered a Netgear Orbi (RBK50) wireless mesh system to bring Internet to my Melco, which feeds a DS Sr. by way of a Matrix X-SPDIF 2. My existing wireless bridge is getting long in the tooth and becoming less reliable, hence the Orbi purchase. Orbi users, are there any audio-related issues or settings I should be aware of? Thanks.

Boot I use the Orbi, but not using it directly connected to my ultraRendu. Provides good service out of the box with no setting changes. I did assign static IPs to my audio components- seems to help.

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I’m not having any Orbi issues here. It just works (well, after moving things around just a little at the beginning.) I don’t use the bridge, but I play music from the NAS with foobar2000 via the Orbi all of the time.


I have set up 5 mesh systems for friends and MESH IS THE FUTURE.

I only have experience with Google Wi-Fi which work well. One system I set up has 9 Wi-Fi pods and covers about an acre.

Yes, these mesh systems have limitations regarding advanced configurations but there are basics like port forwarding. I read a lot of criticism about mesh but it’s often by sys-admin people who have a lot going on.

For most situations, mesh is great.

I’m one of those freaks who thinks great Wi-Fi is better than ethernet for audio.

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+1 for google Wifi (mesh)

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Thanks, everyone. Here’s a question: The Orbi has four Ethernet output ports. I need to use one for the Melco. I could use two more of those Orbi Ethernet ports for two other networked devices in the same vicinity (OPPO UDP-205 and Samsung smart Tv), or I could continue to run the OPPO and Sammy via WiFi. Any thoughts on which method of networking the OPPO and Sammy would be better for Melco streaming sound quality (which is my highest priority)? Thanks.

I’m a big believer in wifi so I would try as many devices as you can via wifi. Maybe do some A/B listening.

I hope Wi-Fi gets so good that ethernet cables become obsolete for the most part.

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I use cable to each mesh unit and leave the Wi-fi bit to the mesh network

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I have an Orbi and aside from its slow boot up and connection I find zero problems with latency or connection. Actually a good system I can stream 4K video through without any problems and audio’s a snap.

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Let me just mention, WiFi was invented in Australia.

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I’ve been using the Orbi for years. I’ve found I get the best performance if I run it in AP mode, no routing. I have a router with firewall attached to my ATT fiber input. I took the divide and conquer approach. I let the Orbi do what is does best and the router/firewall do the heavy lifting. This means all IP address assignment (DHCP) is done on my router. That is where I do the static IPs for my NUC running ROCK. My NUC is ethernet attached to my RBS50 and backhauled to the RBR50 wirelessly. I have no problems using Roon to play from the NUC on my HomePod, Sonos playbar, KEF LSXs or any Google Chromecast audio connected zones. No dropouts, no hiccups. The NUC is attached to my Matrix via USB and IIS from there to my DS DAC. I’m really happy with the setup.

edit: forgot to add I have disabled daisy-chain topology since I have two satellites. I have 26 connected devices from doorbell and thermostats to lights and audio devices. It just works.

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What does Orbi provide which you did not have with a good quality WiFi router?

At least for me, coverage is not an issue; my WiFi signal extends a good 200+ feet outside of my home. Even my car picks it up and connects as I make the last uphill corner and head toward the house.

In my case the triple band setup provides excellent internal connectivity without everything going back to the router and then to the destination: my laptop talks to my NAS directly without involving the other nodes (at times 40 to 50Mbytes / sec from or to the NAS, while who knows what else is going on.) Our neighborhood is rich with 2G and 5G wireless routers (a lot of Microsoft nerds) and my previous (pretty good wireless router) would have more spotty coverage fighting with the neighbors at the outside edges of the house. There has been no interference issues at all with other networks when using the Orbi: I don’t need to hunt for the least polluted bands when neighbors upgrade their systems, etc.

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For whatever reason I don’t have such good luck with coverage and mine barely makes it to the attached garage where my car depends on it to get its updates. Orbi improved that rather a lot.

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You mean like these guys? :rofl:


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Thanks, Ted, great explanation.

My nearest neighbor is a quarter mile away. I thus experience zero interference.

Hi Dan,
FWIW ran an $6 amazon 50’ Cat 5e cable to my Sony TV due to having to reset the wifi connect about once every 2 months. No more resetting. A plus, I noticed the picture improved a little (although it was already very good, being a 4K monitor).

Recently bought a 5 port TRENDnet switch on amazon for $17 (10gbps switching capacity) and an expensive 5v dc supply for $150 with the objective of shortening all(6) Cat5e cable runs to 1’ to 2’ except the one 25’ to router. It will connect my streamer and server. Recommended by Andrew of Small Green computer who sold the 5v power supply (see web site or u tube). I also plan to run a shielded 10’ cable to the TV. So, I have rid my system of long Ethernet cables, yea.

The cat 5e cable is CUSTOM ordered SHIELDED from REDco Audio. My order for a 1’ and a 2’ length cost $15. It is quality when compared to other Cat5e on Amazon. A 25’ router cable was purchased from them, same spec., has been in use for a month and no problems. Shield cable is .25/ft versus un-shielded at .15/ft. I think the shielded is good for the protection of components in my system.

The install is only 1 day old, so no SQ report yet; but I will say no negatives so far.


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I’m similar. I have a Pakedge NK-1 WiFi mesh controller on my network, but my Pakedge WX-1 Access Point is so thermonuclear in effect I only needed one of them to cover everything, and then some. So my mesh controller, which is licensed for 15 access points, isn’t meshing anything.

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My house is weird design. It’s 2850 sf but it’s a five level split. So I have five alternating levels to contend with. Lot’s of floors and walls at different level. I picked the Orbi because I needed a mesh to solve the coverage issue plus it has a dedicated 5ghz backhaul channel that doesn’t take bandwidth from the user channels.

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For audio, does a Mesh system do anything other than extend coverage and range?