Mesh WIFI, still use Network Switch?

Most people argue that wired internet offers superior sound than wifi. Also, I’ve heard great things about using a Network Switch between your router and your streamer… However, I use the EERO Pro mesh wifi system. My streamer is connected via ethernet to my nearest node, NOT the AT&T modem in the closet. So I’m probably losing out on whatever benefits being “wired” offer.

Would a Network Bridge between my EERO node and my streamer still offer improvement? Keep in mind, this node, IS already wireless?

Wired does not sound better than wifi in my system. Close, but, wifi is better.

It either works or it doesn’t. I have a six pod Eero system. Some components are hard wired across the house and managed with a switch. I also use an Eero pod as an access point.

Hey, just curious…how do you define “via Wi-Fi” in your system.

My music files are on my iMac which “streams” over Wi-Fi to my AT&T router/modem, which feeds an EERO router basically followed by galvanic isolation via TP-Link Media Converters, a passive switch and a PinkFaun LAN isolator feeding my DSD via Bridge II.

I am wondering if this is a wired, Wi-Fi or a hybrid approach?


I think in reality the reason a lot of streamer makers don’t provide wireless access is that not having it results in a lot less support questions and complaints for them. I have never had a problem getting any streamer that allowed wireless connection to connect to my network but it seems to be a constant complaint on the Auralic site and others. And it’s always the streamers fault and not the owner’s network according to them.

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My music server is connected via WIFI. My Auralic Aries G2 streamer is connected via WIFI.
My G2 has not lost connection to the internet in about 10 months!

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With some sort connected dongle…or are the streamer and music server akin to a computer with Wi-Fi connection (just like my iMac communicates with my modem)?


When I first connected my Aries G1 in June I hardwired it to the Mesh Pod in the room the same as the Bridge II had been but after a month I switched to wireless and to this day it has never lost connection so over 6 months.

Both have built in WiFi.

A couple of points:
I think most people would interpret ‘music via wifi’ as meaning that there is a wifi link somewhere in the path from where the music files are stored to where they are played via a DAC. If properly implemented a wifi link should provide isolation from upstream electronic noise.
I suspect that one reason wifi reception is not built into player products is that having the associated electronics in close proximity to the sensitive analogue circuitry of the DAC will degrade SQ unless there is very good internal isolation of the two.

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Noted; thanks.

Actually, via WIFI means it goes to the streamer via wifi, not ethernet. There are streamers that have built in dacs, that also stream via WIFI.

My question has not been addressed… I’m not talking about wifi streamer dropouts. I’ll kinda re ask in a simple way.

  1. Do network bridges REALLY make that big of a difference? Some cost $5k and people swear they make a big difference. If so, would that ONLY apply if I’m going directly to my modem via ethernet?

  2. Since I’m using EERO mesh, putting one between my EERO pod and Node 2i, it’s moot right? Since my EERO pod is already wifi. Or would a network bridge between the EERO pod and my Node help anything at all?

Some people believe strongly in these network bridges…

OK you are correct in stating that for streamers/DACs with built-in wifi the music packages do not travel by wired ethernet, however AFAIK the music data packages are identical for both. I’m suggesting that the isolation merits of wifi are probably maximised if the wireless receiver is not in the final box (streamer/DAC) but some distance away and connected by wired ethernet.
In my setup I’ve turned off all the wifi transmitters/receivers in the immediate vicinity of the hifi boxes and have a single wireless access point about 9ft away; the hifi boxes are connected by wired ethernet from an un-managed switch, with optical isolation in the ethernet leg to the renderer/DAC.

I agree, isolation is a must for maximizing potential of WIFI. Wifi module is galvanically isolated in well designed wifi streamers. AFAIK, same is true for ethernet.

Can you explain what you mean by “isolation”? Isolation of what?

Isolation of the wifi module, or anything else that can introduce distortion.

Ok so it sounds like most prefer to connect the streamer via wifi to a node/pod that’s not running much else. No network bridges or switches like the $5,000 JCAT network switch…

The Youtuber “Pursuit Perfect System” reviewed it and had glowing things to say of course.

I figured there’s a cheaper more reasonable model and just wondering if/how that would work in a mesh system like mine.

No, I prefer running an Auralic streamer with galvanically isolated wifi module ( built in) , and power supplies, connected to my dac via usb. No network switches