Just ordered a pair of M700s to drive the bass boxes of Sanders 10es

That, of course, is no big deal, but I’ll use these to drive the 4-Ohm woofers, where Sanders strongly recommends his MagTech 900-into-4 stereo amp… Even on the 94dB-sensitive panels, he recommends those 900-into-4 MagTechs or ESL-Techs.

We’ll see how those ‘little’ 700s do.


I’ve been driving my Sanders 10e 'stats with two Magtechs for years now and couldn’t be happier with the results. Found each amp used for around $3500. Assume you’re also using the dBX Venu-360 LMS which is part of the 10e system. Very versatile piece of gear.

Let us know how the M700s work out.

Best of luck.