PS M700, imminent

After what seems like an eternity, I have just (set to one side) ordered a pair of new (in stock) M700’s from a UK dealer. :grinning:


Jamesh said they are a great amp, and I took his word for it, as well as a few others

They are. Have mine paired with Stella GainCell DAC/Pre and they drive a pair of Magnepan LRS speakers.


The M700s are great and powerfull amp, mine stack consists of SGCDS + M700 + P3 driving the Monitor audio Gold 200 beatifully , at 4ohm the speakers are so lound at just 17-18 volume level.
you wont be wrong with M700s

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I have one powering a Focal Center Channel. I went from an Anthem 1120 to a 700 for the Center. The difference was immediate and remarkable. It’s the most articulate and blended across the Front channels I have ever heard.


They are incredible amps. I have a pair, and coupled with the SGCD they power a pair of Magnepan .7s. All fed from a PSA Stellar P3 regenerator. I’ve never been happier with my sound in the 45+ years I’ve been in the hobby. It was a bit of a stretch for me budget-wise (psychologically as well as fiscally), but I’m so glad I did it.


I too own the M700 and GCD. They’re currently powering a pair of KEF R7 and the sound is just right for me. I listen to a lot of jazz, but when I want to crank up some rock, the Stellar Stack does it effortlessly. I’ve never been happier with my rig. Enjoy!

I also want to add how supportive this forum is. If you have any questions about your M700, you’ve got friends here.


I loved mine. 3x M700’s for the LCR, and a S300 for the Surrounds. But the Orchard Audio’s latest Ultra’s are my end game Amplifier now (if I ever get them finished - damn chip shortage).

All of the superlatives and hype are true. Congrats on your purchase. Enjoy!

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"Any day now, Any day now, I shall be . . . blown away!

Our 700 seemed to settle in after a month or so. Doing Center duty it gets far less use then L & R.

Interesting. I always thought the M1200 would be a fantastic center channel amp due to the improvement of vocals and dynamics I heard over the M700 imo. That’s when I compared a stereo pair of M1200’s vs M700’s. If anyone is tempted here is a M1200 listing.

I picked a 700 simply because I found a brand new single 700 for sale at a very good used price. It was NOS from an ex-PSA dealer.

I am pretty sure that the 700 will become a 1200 sooner or later. There’s a MKII and AirLens that will happen first.

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