Just some thoughts on how AI will join the game of audio processing

As a software developer that having some works relating to AI (artificial Intelligence), i just wonder if PS Audio has a plan to apply AI into their PCM - > DSD conversion in the DS Stream DAC lines in the near future? why this matter ?

With a trainned DB of perfect matched audio patterns, the input PCM just need to have some signatures of a pattern no matter how bad they were encoded, ripped to go to the DAC ( AI awereness), the output can be a original master records audio file streaming from some cloud platforms …etc it can be purely a streaming service with master record quality audio, should it be very expensive DAC making neccessary ? :slight_smile:

Is that possible ?

We can deny a fact that AI now become popular and present in our life with small tiny to the big thing that make your life easier with just few clicks

Welcome for your ideas

Interesting idea! I’m a fan of DSD upsampling in Roon, we have seen how AI is improving photography.