PC Audio...

The question to Paul, Ted and the team at PS Audio is, will you build it?
The question for the community is, will you buy it?


Welcome, Storris!

It would not be of any interest to me, but perhaps to others.

I never want to say never, but a PC environment is very hostile to great audio. We could sure save money on cases tho :)

…and at the same time smother 2nd. hand prices for the DS pulling-hair_gif

Thanks for the reply Ted. Directstream Soundcard could open up a whole new and sizeable market for high-res audio. The PC can already do bit-perfect analogue, we’re just waiting for that missing 3rd element, the extra bits.


I doubt there’s need to worry on that score, there is always going to be a market for high-end standalone equipment. For the 20 years when CD was the standard, the standalone/stackable player did pretty well against much cheaper, much more portable but qualitatively similar products. Heck, there’s even a high-end range of MP3 players (I’ve got one)!

This would be just another option for those it suits.

Certainly the component selection would have to be very different to fit inside the PC case, probably squeezing out the quality in the process. Leaves the MAC folks out in the cold. I use both platforms but would not be willing to shell out big bucks for this if the DS freestanding version sounded better. Kudos for the idea.

No interest on my end.

None here either