Latest P5/P10 variable MultiWave code version 29

Indeed, switching power supplies are the toughest to drive because their power factor is typically very low meaning they suck a lot of current and make it hard for the Power Plant to supply exact voltage and current at the same time. The changes to MultiWave make that process better and you should hear an improvement in connected switching power supplies.

Excellent thanks for adding your comments Paul.



Setting six


I’ve been told that my P10 is being shipped this Friday - would my unit be shipped with the latest Firmware, or would I need to track that update down myself?

It should be shipped with the latest firmware.

I've been told that my P10 is being shipped this Friday - would my unit be shipped with the latest Firmware, or would I need to track that update down myself?

If you are ever unable to find a firmware you would like, please post and we will help. :)

I figured as much, thanks Elk! I’ve been enjoying reading your posts here.

Ok, I finally got around to checking the Firmware version on my P10 - it says .34 - is that current or do I need to find an update version?

Here is the latest version.

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what about the phase tune setting . what is it for and what is a good sting point ?


“Phase Tune” adjusts the time relationship (phase) between the incoming voltage waveform and the regenerated waveform. With the Power Plant Premier and earlier P5 and P10, this was fixed. The fixed setting works quite well in most cases. However we found there are a few places (for example Long Island) that had unusually high distortion, and this distortion had a very substantial time lag (phase shift) relative to the fundamental. In these situations, with the default setting, the Power Plant didn’t perform as well as it could. We worked closely with these customers to develop custom code that would help their situation.

Since there are no doubt others who could benefit from this work, (and also because maintaining non-standard code bases for a select few customers is a logistical nightmare) we decided to include this as a feature in all new releases.

99% of the time, the default setting (0) is appropriate and no adjustment is necessary. If your Power Plant is consistently delivering less than 0.5% distortion (THD) in Sine mode, you should not need to make any adjustments. Below are the conditions under which you might want to adjust this setting:

1) Your power from the utility has extremely high distortion, over about 8%.

2) Your power from the utility is typically more than 10V (15V for 230V models) away from your desired output setting.

3) Your Power Plant is not able to reduce the incoming distortion by a factor of 10. In other words, if your THD In reading is 8.0%, and your THD Out is 0.5%, your Power Plant is performing well. If your THD Out reading is 1.0% you may benefit from adjusting the Phase Tune. Please keep in mind that the Power Plant is correcting both THD and voltage errors. If your incoming voltage is within a few volts of the output setting, your Power Plant will be able to devote most of its capability to correcting the distortion. If the voltage is 10 volts or more away from the setting, the Power Plant is not going to be able to correct the THD as well. So if your utility voltage is more than 10V off, and you are seeing your THD reduced by only a factor of 5, this is probably normal.

The procedure for setting the Phase Tune is simple. Experiment with different Phase Tune settings and see what setting gives you the lowest output THD reading. The optimum setting depends on how much distortion is on your power and what it looks like. Unfortunately there is no way to predict what it will be.

Elk thanks. I think for me it’s 0. But I will look better in the morning. I did a mini meet at my office today . And I have to say wow the multiwave works. And I did an with and without the P10 not with or without multiwave.

But the sound was very obvious. A big thanks to Paul and company. And I had all my stuff on it including all the amps. That’s 4 stereo amps . It never balked at tuning them on. One at a time of course. But the change in sound all three of us heard. What I want to do is the P10 all the amps and the P5 all else.

Thanks elk for the info , And also your post for the latest firmware update. And why is that not the one posted Paul !


The FW I posted is the latest I have seen. There may be another even later out in the wild, but I do not believe so.

Thanks , the one listed in the update folder is 38 as yours is 39. Anyway thanks what a difference I feel much better about the money I have spent on the power plants I have.