Latest P5/P10 variable MultiWave code version 29

The latest P5/P10 code is at :


1. Fixed MD=VD to work on demand

2. Fixed CleanWave/Multiwave reset to 0 issue.

Thanks Dennis. I think this is actually firmware version 39 rather than 29. Why are the zip file numbers different from the firmware version number?

No it is 29. The version numbers are different because the the main code is at 39 but the firmware release is at 29.

Installation went OK. I wasn’t sure when it was finished as I had to turn it on at the front panel after it installed.

Installation went ok for me too. As per any P10 firmware I’ve done, all of them have come up with all five zones off. Enabled these as required.

A quick listen seemed to confirm that none of the sonic improvements, mainly timing, have been lost with this new version.

The installation went fine. All programming and settings came through intact.

With a Multiwave setting of 6 , my Pass amp now rarely goes out of Class A . So it does increase the amplifier power as promised.

Fascinating. Thanks!

@papaned good to hear, thank you! BTW how do you know it’s not going into AB and rather staying in the A class?

Interesting about power output my NC400 show less load on the P-5 while at idle only 10% where it use to be 11%

If you’ve ever wondered what that meter is doing on the front panel of every Class A Pass amp, it indicates when the amp is driven into Class AB-past the 12:00 position. Very analog, but very effective in showing it’s headroom at any time . with MW 6 my P10 show about 15-20% lower power usage and therefore also lower load.

I’m just not sure if it’s only P10s metering, or if I will also get lower electricity bill at the end :))

Perhaps we may here from PS Audio on this seems the units are operating more efficiently if so that could attribute to improving SQ

I just upgraded the firmware of both my P10s to 29, one on the stereo and the other in my home theater system. I am listening to my stereo now. I might be imagining it, but it seems to sound a bit better :)>-

BTW, I have a tubed preamp. Is use of the new MW have any negative effects on tubes longevity?



The current version of multi-wave is perfectly fine for tubes. It can make some transformers a bit louder than usual.

Try it and see what you think.

Another interesting thing that I noticed is that MW level 6 shows less load and power consumption in my 2 channel stereo system, 43% in Sinewave vs 36% in MW 6. I wonder how accurate that these figures are though? However my P10 does appear to get a bit warmer with MW though. I have not used the new firmware in my home theater system yet. It will be interesting if I get similar effects there?

What effects if any does multi wave have on switching psu ,s ??

As this type of psu does not stay in a steady state as does others


I would think that MultiWave would be good for switching power supplies. More energy available for more of the cycle should make switching PS job easier. I am not sure if there would be any interaction with switching PS that have power factor correction.


Hi, specking from personal experience the SMP600 with the NCORE, I experienced a significant improvement in SQ after updating my P-5.

Well all rity then. I am good. I would like to use it for my CPU .

What settings are you using ?