Limited Linn Translattion, you can't have it. Thoughts?

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Ive’s “pointless” redesign isn’t an improvement in my opinion. Bring back the points.
And the price-- Linn, now you’re being ridiculous.
Ive did the modifications gratis. I think he must have felt embarrassed sending a bill.


Obviously it wasn’t thin enough for him!


Stunning a night and day difference AND ANOTHER night and day difference.


Rounded corners though - rounded corners on rectangles: it’s served Mr. Ives very lucratively indeed :slight_smile:

(tongue in cheek, I’ve liked most of apple’s designs, aesthetically, if not technically!)

Edit - 60k?


He can stick his rounded cornered rectangles …

…maybe that’s why he rounds off the corners…


Went to a Dealer in London ( Great place and people. My Son & I had a blast. He won’t sell Linn (but anything SME - he has in stock). They are all sold like a Mechano set and MUST be assembled by a qualified Dealer who Tech/Engineer was trained at Linn in Scotland. I heard rumours but he confirmed it.

But for $60k, I guess they will ?


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For that money I would want a butler to bring me afternoon tea every day for ever :slight_smile:


the Register’s view on the jony ives TT.

also recommend checking the link near the end of the article that leads to their rogues gallery of the dirtiest inside of PCs :slight_smile:

Linn has Jumped the Shark IMO. I admit I continue to enjoy my original Linn Sondek LP 12, now upgraded. Sonically its fine and in its day a true stunner, but today I retain it for sentimental reasons.

Yes, Linn require their dealers to be trained and to set up the table. In Europe where Linn have more control over their dealers, the technicians do the set up in the home.
I have the maxed out version that cost less than half of the preposterous $60K price of their new 50th Anniversary version. I wonder who would buy that one?
I auditioned several turntables before I settled on the LP-12. My close second was the VPI HW-40 direct drive. And my choice was not solely about the sound; I used the same cartridge.
It was about perceived quality.


I feel very lucky about the LP12 I purchased and for the price my friend sold to me for. Where the new Linn’s start out at $5k USD. If you take inflation into account. It makes total sense for what you get. The problem is just like the DAC market. It’s literally vomiting with “product” at that price. With established Companies and “Johnny Come Lately” Companies.

Tale MFSL StudioDeck with the Ortofon Quintet Black I had (still have the Cart. BTW). It’s a great TT/Cart. combo that to my ears was as good as the LP12/Ekos/Lingo/Benz Micro MC Wood combo.

Do I miss it ? No. But I was shocked (still am) that 33 yr. old piece if equipment when properly maintained (again by LMC Entertainment) here in Phoenix, AZ. can keep up with what’s out there now.

I know there are Linn horror stories out there and I’ve heard all the stories/comments like it’s just an AR or Thorens TT dressed up. Whatever. I, like so many others happy and I think that’s what counts.

But $60k ? Again, it will sell out primarily to those who pay 4 to 5 figures for a piece of plastic with a tiny whole in the middle.

I still say it’s a Rich Man’s Sport compared to Digital.


Treat your Linn set-up man as royalty and consider a fine bottle of scotch for him at the holidays. Mine are Ken and John at Pro Musica.

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100% !

I love the constant development of the LP-12 by Linn. Each improvement is an improvement that’s easy to hear.
For a genuine LP-12 whisperer in the NY/NJ area, Mike Trei is brilliant.
I watched Mike tune mine up recently. Some of the adjustments are hilariously archaic but the end result is well worth the effort.


I got my LP-12 in '74 or '75 for AU$400 including SME tonearm and Shure V15III cartridge.
Now the only original pieces are the plinth and steel top plate :slight_smile:
I reckon it sounds amazing.

I wouldn’t pay 60K for one though - mainly because I couldn’t afford a lump sum like that. And I just don’t value the aesthetic changes enough.