Listening to purchases on Spotify

I recently purchased my first download, 96/24.
Was wondering how can I listen to them in Spotify? I did manage to save them in my PC. Added the local source folder and they show up as part of other downloads.

  1. When I try to stream them to a speaker via Spotify Connect it doesn’t play? Any way to do that?
  2. The album artwork is not displayed when I see the songs in Spotify.


Welcome but consider other stream service

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thanks. which one? I have Apple, Amazon, YTM

Audirvana and Roon are steps up, Audirvana sounds better to me, Roon has lots of album/performer information goodies (they do Qobuz, Tidal for content…I find Qobuz sounds better)

Others here have other options better than Spotify, Amazon, Apple…, eg JRiver, HQplayer

there are technical matters that may crop up regarding computer/phone/ipad apps for these services and their connection to your streamer/dac

no doubt, others here have good advice

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Spotify is a service from which one streams selected songs from the Spotify servers. Not from your own media. In your case, stored on your pc.
If you wish to play the files from your hard drive, you may first use a simple (Windows) media player. Next step up is using a dedicated audio program.

Before we go any further, can you please tell a bit more on how you reproduce the music? Just on your pc, or do you have the pc connected to e.g. your stereo?

I eventually downloaded Roon. For a trial. It is able to play all the songs I bought from Octave Records.
I play music from my PC to my speakers via a streamer. Both for downloaded and for music apps such as Spotify.

That’s great to hear, although a bit costly in case you don’t have a specific needs for all the extra of Roon.

Did you check on alternatives like BubbleUPnP Server (free, check out their requirements)?
Or use the Android app Bubbleupnp for DLNA/Chromecast, or any alternative to your liking.