Live Album Thread

Worth a try because there’s that clean but sterile studio sound and live recordings. I would put live recordings in two categories:

  • Music + room acoustic
  • Music + audience

With regard to the former, the modern take usually excludes the audience, the main benefit seems to be a more fluent performance, sometimes one take, other times edited from two or more performances.

Music + audience seems to have gone out of fashion, but are great toe tappers. Here are two I’ve bought recently, both very worthwhile.


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Very “groovy”; a great sit down and jam to the whole performance recording:

The Stimulators Live at Kunstsalon


Along similar lines, but much preferable in my book, and a lovely live vibe:


We missed a fabulous Live in Paris a few weeks ago, now moved to Octobre 2021

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Yes, very “lovely”.

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It’s a rather odd album cover, but I’m not complaining. It’s the only album cover I don’t have “live”, i.e. on vinyl. Have the others.

Seems like Ms. Gardot does not get as much attention and recognition as her peers… Depending on the material, she is one of the best.

Really, really enjoyable.


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I just want to know if Ms. Gardot actually performs live “dressed” like that. Would definitely help ticket sales!

She has a lovely smile.




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What a voice!

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Just pulled it up via Roon/Tidal.

Only listening on my iMac speakers, but this recording is still a lot of fun and piquing my interest.

Right you are about her voice. Going to have to do some further listening now and see if enjoy her arrangements and vocalizations overall. (For example, “Black Bird” was a bit “much”.)

This is something I really enjoy about this community and having Roon along with Tidal and Qobuz subscriptions. Someone makes a recommendation and I have nearly instant access to try it out.

I have found so much great music this way.



I wish they’d made their SXSW performance of this available on audio or video, but this is excellent as well.

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