Three Great Melody's

Even before I got into serious sound in a more serious way, I really liked the approach to recordings that jazz/alternative singer Melody Gardot was doing. For a jazz fan who grew up on Sarah Vaughn and Billie Holiday, Melody’s voice took some getting used to, but there was something unique about the intimacy of her recordings that helped me discover how good she is with interpretation. I listened to her 2012 album The Absence last night and found myself loving everything, but especially the beauty of the whole sound art. Then I listened to her latest album (2022) Entre eux deux which is just her with pianist Philippe Powell. To my ears it was one of the best singer & pianist recordings I’ve ever heard. The piano is recorded so it sounds the way it should - from gutsy to almost a whisper, which complemented her voice beautifully. I’ve also listened before to her 2015 album Currency of Man which puts her in a bit more of an “alternative” role. It will also give your system a run for its money.


Her “Live In Europe” is excellent.


Nice cover too.

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I’ll check it out, and on @tuladct’s recommendation, I will study the cover intensely.

Even a casual glance is OK.

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We saw her live when she was touring Currency of Man. It was fantastic.

I remember downloading The Absence around 2015 and listening to it about 109 times.

Got her on the floor and giving her a whirl now. Gorgeous.

Love Gardots work! I recommend Madeleine Peyroux as well. Both offer wonderful sound as well.

I love love love The Blue Room. Like Gardot, she’s discovered what well-crafted and creative audio adds to her art.

If I were in the audience there, I’d find it hard… to listen to the music I mean… wondering whether she was feeling chilly I mean.

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Couple of my favorites- Standing On The Rooftop and Careless Love. She has such wonderful delivery.

Saw her for that tour and at a much earlier point in her career, both in Philly. Quite the talent.

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