London audio shops?

Visiting London currently. Is worth going to visit for a listen?

Any other audio related shops I should see?

Having just seen some UK audio dealer price lists I wouldn’t be game to visit any audio related shops…I mean, some stuff is double what we pay here in Australia. Anyway, good luck with that, hope you find a bargain.

You are bang on… We pay through the nose over here…! That’s why I get pissed off, pay a “fortune” over here for P S Audio equipment, it goes faulty and with no dealerships in Scotland I have to trail several hundred miles down to England to get the thing repaired. Or find a carrier who will handle such heavy boxes, but I’ve to insure them, etc… Then returns back with the same fault and I have to go through it all again…
I wish I had it as easy as the U.S. chaps… It will cost brett a fortune over here and he will have very little to show for it…

I have no intent of purchasing just visiting. It’s just in an area a bit further than we’ve been and wondering if it’s worth going out of the way.

One thing to note if you are in the market for British speakers like ATC the price is crazy good, especially when you get your VAT back (or don’t pay it as you are international). Also the exchange rate is pretty favourable too

If you had a free day for travel (train or drive) I’d contact SME and or Quad and ask if you could have a tour of their facilities.
Both are in nice parts of the UK.

SME Limited
Mill Road, Steyning, West Sussex,
BN44 3GY, England,
United Kingdom

M: [+44(0) 7841 022 057](tel:+44(0) 7841 022 057)


IAG House 13/14 Glebe Road, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, PE29 7DL, England

Tel: [+44 (0)1480 447700](tel:+44 (0)1480 447700)

Fax: [+44 (0) 1480 431 767](tel:+44 (0) 1480 431 767)

In London, Grahams is very good. I bought my LP12 there and had it shipped to the US.

They are my dealer and it’s a great store. If you are visiting London, better go listen to live music rather than audio.

Starting a new thread - audio arbitrage.