Damm those pesky increased prices due to either covid or UK Brexit or whatever else

I was just going to purchase a recommended pair of PS M700’s, BUT they had gone up in the UK from £2700 to £3000 ( and thats a lot for me personally). Will have to try and find a pair of pre loved ones instead of brand new. Will teach me to look at them too long :slightly_frowning_face: Any other recommendations?

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I am sorry to hear this. This is quite a price jump.

Good luck in your search.

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i could rant, but i won’t :wink:


That’s a genuine shame. I love my M700s to death. I hope you can find an owner who’s about to succumb to the call of the M1200s.


Think I will be going down the Wyred 4 Sound route at Christmas. Hey ho

Check out the Wyred 4 Sound return policy, having had their DACs which for the money were fine a=but PS Audio is a step up in my experience. The DACs utilize the Sabre Technology chips which sounded strident and harsh in my system. I know you are looking at amps not DACs but the PS Audio amps should be a a step up in performance in comparison, and whats 300 quid amongst friends? :laughing:

Well, companies are also using the various world events to raise their prices even if they don’t need to “in order to cover expenses”. Otherwise what explains all the record profits?

We always have the option to move on, select a different brand or not buy based on market dynamics. It is what it is.

Best of luck with the amp venture. It stinks that the increase bounced it out of your budget. The crew over at Wyred for sound are great and make good gear. Their amps sound good, but I do prefer ours by a fair amount.


By a fair amount indeed, don’t cut yourself short.


For £2500 you can get a Cambridge Audio Edge W from CA’s eBay store. I got a CXA81, comes as new with warranty in a brown CA box.

Dave Brook at MCRU is doing them at £2700, reduced from £3175.

Or a pair of QMP. Had these, huge grunt. Balanced design. Honest amps. classic design. Great value at £1600.

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Edge W power amps are excellent. I have one in one system. Highly recommended.

Have you filled your gas tank lately?

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averaging 71MPG :laughing: