Long cable runs

I just bought a new preamp. The source will be the DS balanced outputs.
I may locate the preamp in two different locations;
Alt. 1: Close to the DS with 1m cable run and 5m XLR between preamp and poweramp
Alt. 2: Close to the Power amp with 5m XLR between DS and preamp and 1m XLR between preamp and poweramp.
Everything will be powered from the P10.

My new preamp is said to have a low impedance MOSFET output stage capable of supporting long cable runs.
I also need to retain maximum gain for the signal chain, so any voltage drop is disadvantagous.

Based on the above, will I benefit from Alt.1 or will the DS do just fine with 5m XLR?

I run 7m XLRs from BHK Pre to the BHK 300s without any issues.

I also run just over 7m from the DS to preamp, no problem. I don’t believe these lengths are considered long for balanced connections. 300m is possible with balanced, well shielded cables.

It is harder to get speaker cable that works well in long runs than to get balanced low-level cables that work well in the same length.

Thx, guys.
I recall Ted said something about an added EQ effect if the cable capacitance exceeds a certain value for a longer cable run.
The DS is not using a line driver but a trafo on its output.

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I am aware of the factor >10 for the in/out ratio.
I would guess the preamp Rin is in the region 50kOhm so in this respect there are no issues.

Really, I don’t think it matters, either way.

I believe I am one of the few that claim to hear a difference when both of the DS outputs are used at the same time.