BHK Pre to Directstream balanced XLR connection - cable recomendations please?

Picking up my BHK Pre soon and realise now i have the option of hooking up my DS Dac balanced.
Assuming its the preferred connection between Pee and Dac?

Needing to buy a set of Balanced XLR cables t hook them up, wonder what other folks are using.

I know there’s the Pro-audio outlook to say balanced is balanced (is balanced) and cable choice doesn’t matter so much…
My own experience with XLR cables say to me that they do matter.

Wonder what you guys use to hookup your kit balanced.
Thanks, :slight_smile:

Using 0.6m Nordost Valhalla 2 XLR pair from PSA DS DAC to BHK250. In spring 2019 will pick up 2nd set for the PSA Preamp I will purchase to BHK250, using 1st set from DAC to Preamp. I will also pick up another 1m AC12 for Preamp to PSA P20. Power and interconnects are as important as speakers.

I use Analysis Plus Silver Oval XLR interconnects between my DS and BHK Pre as well as from the pre to my amps. I like them, but ignorance is bliss because I’ve never heard another cable in my newish system.

You may want to investigate the Belden cables many on this forum favor. There is a fairly active thread. Let us know what you end up purchasing.

I use Morrow MA7 between DSDSr and M700s, soon to be BHK250. Was previously using Mogami gold series. Morrow has definitely more detail in the mid/treble range. I had the Mogami’s lying around from my guitar setup.

I’m using VooDoo Cable Stradivarius Amati.

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What a great name!

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There are a good number of threads/post on this topic. A quick search will provide you with many opinions.

Have Morrow MA5 interconnects (old design) and rate them highly.
Running in a biwire pair of the new design SP7’s and they are superb.

Thanks guys for your suggestions, will have a proper look around the forum for similar threads.


I’m waiting for the gen II Belden XLR’s to be available, but if I was going to buy something right now, it would be the Transparent Ultra XLR’s, which I tried, and absolutely loved. If you have a Transparent dealer in your area, I highly recommend you give the Ultra’s a listen.

BJC Belden 1800F

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I use Belden Iconoclast, now being sold by Blue Jeans Cable. A new version of their interconnects is now coming out. There is a long thread on Iconoclast.

For multiple amp channel hookup I use BJC Belden 1508A XLRs. Good quality and affordable.

Which model Iconoclast interconnect are you using, and what did it replace in your system?


TPC gen1 balanced. Replaced Kimber Silver Streak and XLO (don’t know the model). Improvement was obvious–cleaner, more coherent. Gen 2 is supposed to be better for analog signals. You can get the different wire types on trial and decide for yourself.

I’m already in line for when the Gen II Iconoclast comes out.
Thanks for your feedback.

You wouldn’t happen to be ELF Custom Cables would you? Seems to be the purpose of your postings in your two days since joining.

I nuked Mr ELF’s posts

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