Looking For SACD / DVD-A Player Recommendations For DS

Recently picked up a DS with the Bridge II upgrade. I am interested in adding an SACD player to my system and feeding it in to the DS.

I would like a player that also does DVD-Audio (if possible).

What are some players you guys recommend which pair well with the DS?

Is it best to connect to the DS via HDMI or another input?


What is your budget? SACD will not pass from HDMI ( I2S ) port unless from a PS Audio DS transport. AN Oppo works well for under 1500.00 used

I would like to keep it under $1500. Do you have a specific Oppo model you recommend?

Oppo all day then. UDP-205 or BDP-105

Do you have a specific Oppo model you recommend?

Thank You. I will check in to these

SACD/DSD will use digital cable to PSA dac. Coax or optic

I own both of these Oppos and also a DS transport. Love the PSA the most, but the Oppos will even play blue-ray concert dvds to dac

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You can also get an Oppomod board for about $200 that will allow the UDP-205 to connect to the DS DAC via IIS and play SACD.

It is an intermediate level install.

@darrenv1070 Do you hook the Oppo to the DS via HDMI?

No. Ds dac doesn’t have hdmi. It just uses the cables but its wired internally different

@darrenv1070 Sounds Good. How do you recommend hooking either of the Oppo players to the DS?

I use a good digital coaxial cable

@darrenv1070 Sounds Good

I don’t believe an SACD disk will play DSD over coax or toslink without additional specialized hardware. SACD only works over HDMI (which allows copy protection) or the players analog outputs.

Yes. But not dsd. Pcm only