Playing SACD with Oppo & DSJr

Just need a little help figuring this out…
Just purchased the Otis Taylor SACD (My first SACD). I’m trying to play it using my Oppo BDP 103 with optical into DSJr into BHK PreAmp.

The Oppo recognizes that it is a SACD and will “play” however I get no sound. I’ve tried selecting optical, as well as automatic on the DSJr. I do get a momentary note when I give up and open the disc tray on the Oppo. There is no problem playing a standard cd.
As an aside, I also have my Cambridge Azur 851N running into the DSJr. Not sure if that creates any problems
Thanks for any guidance

If you go to page 17 of the Oppo’s manual, you’ll see this quote. “Due to copyright restrictions, SACD audio cannot be sent through the coaxial or optical
digital audio output. To listen to SACDs, please use the HDMI or analog audio connections.”

Something like our new SACD transport would be perfect to plug into the DSJ. You’ll be able to utilize the I2S input and you’ll be able to send it native DSD from the SACD.

So, I can play it, but will need to use the dac in the Oppo. Should be pretty good, but not as good as using the DSJr.

Appreciate you figuring it out


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If you want to use the DAC in the DSJR here is the solution! I did it to my Oppo 203 and it’s a simple DIY. I2S card will let you extract the DSD information off your SACDs and send it directly to the DSJR! The difference will be night and day over the stock Oppo sound! Warning tho this card is the gateway drug to other Oppo modifications which you will see on Lee is a great guy and shipping is fairly quick considering it’s coming from South Korea. $220

Thanks…I’m intrigued, especially being able to use the I2S connection. I thought I’d need to give up on SACD (Unpugging and plugging in connectors was not my idea of fun).


It connects in before the dac so it sends the DSD signal right off the disc. You do have to make a small opening for the HDMI(I2S) port. I used a dremel tool.

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Have I mentioned lately that Sony SACD copy protection sucks?