Loud speaker and amp frequency response

Hey all,

I have a SET 2A3 beautiful sounding amp paired with a pair of vintage Wharfedale E30s 94db sensitivity 60hz - 18khz. I’ve also got a Wharfedale sub SW150 hooked up via the high level terminals to the amp.

According to the manufacturer the SET amp output transformers are 30 Hz to 40Khz…

The crossover on the subwoofer is currently set to 70Hz

The setup sounds divine, soundstage, vocals are so alive I can listen to hours on end.

The question I have is should speakers match the same frequency response as your amp or does it not matter ?

Doesn’t matter. In the vast majority of cases, the equipment (the different components) will exceed the frequency range the speakers can reproduce

Thank you I thought not but had a little doubt. Thanks again

One of the problems of SETs can be high output impedance that will modify the response of speaker based on the ohm law interaction with a speaker’s impedance curve. Where the ispeaker mpedance peaks (in the bass) will cause frequency response peaking in the amplifier and this can be significant, depending on the amount, so bass may be pretty “tubby” sounding on your main speakers.

Well that’s where the sub comes in and It does not sound tubby at all

Are you talking about damping factor here?

Yes, and also the ohms law interaction of high output impedance with the impedance of the speaker causing variation in the speaker’s frequency response. A more extreme example of that can be found here (the black curve - a response into a simulated speaker load).