Low-level detail --- high level enjoyment

As I proceed through my CD collection with my new BHK amp/pre combo, I believe I have a better awareness of the nature of their contribution to my greater musical enjoyment. It is the reproduction of greater low-level detail. Indeed, on some recordings that happen to have an abundance of such detail, the improvement is almost startling. As in “my god I never thought this recording could sound this good.” It may be responsible for the more 3-dimensional soundstage which I really appreciate in classical recordings. In general, the better the recording, the greater the perceived improvement over my old preamp/amp.

Prior to my inclusion of the BHK amp/pre combo, I thought I was listening to best sound possible from my CDs and the limitation was the CD. I now believe there was some limitation in my equipment and my CDs may have more to give.

Once you have settled in and absorbed your investments, so to speak, add a PSA DirectStream DAC to your signal path and I am confident that you will enjoy another revelatory round of revealing heretofore unknown content on your favorite recordings. (Assuming you don’t have one already.)

Will the DirectStream DAC better my AURALiC Vega DAC which sounds very good, has supurb measurements and is rated A+ by Stereophile just like the DirectStream.

with the BHK preamp/amp you can get to an even higher level yet of enjoyment and greater low-level detail by changing the tubes, with greatest effect in the BHK preamp.
See my posts near end of “BHP preamp tube rolling” thread under the Amplifiers category of this forum. If you were to get the Telefunken E88CC/6922 (Upscale Audio has raised their price for gold grade from $229 to $349 a day ago) you would be surprised/amazed at the additional low-level detail you would hear even on CDs.

I have already rolled in those Telefunkens into my BHK amp. I got the platinum grade before the price went up. I have also replaced all the fuses with HIFI Tuning fuses Supreme. I am amazed at the low level detail.

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I don’t know the answer to the question. I just know I had the experience you described about adding the PSA BHK components to your system “in spades” when I upgraded from the PSA PerfectWave DAC (MK II) to the DirectStream Sr. I have never had the pleasure of listening to the AURALiC Vega DAC.

I wonder if there are any user or professional reviews comparing the AURALiC and PS Audio DACs out there in the “interwebs”.


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I just put two Telefunken E88CC tubes and replaced the stock mains fuses in my BHK amp

with SR Blue fuses last evening. Not as big a relative addition to detail as adding the

Telefunken E88CC tubes to the BHK preamp, but still added low-level detail “around the edges”

of everything and could hear some additional low-level details in the Beethoven

Symphonies 5 and 7 SACD, Vienna Philharmonic, conducted by Carlos Kleiber, that weren’t

audible with just the tube change in the preamp.

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