** edit. Changed thread to general discussion. The original question I asked (below) has been resolved but keen to keep chatting about the U1 mini.

Here’s my setup. DSD - bhk Pre - bhk250.

I just got a lumin U1 mini to try rather than running my my mini Mac direct to my DSD.

The sound improvement is noticeable and is really good but my sound stage (vocals) which was previously ‘pin point’ in the middle seems to be spread wider and less precise. :confused:

I’m not sure if it’s a good thing or a bad thing. Also not sure if it’s associated with the lumin needing time to burn in - it’s only been running for about 24hrs.

Looking for help to decide. Do I take the better overall sound for the less pin point vocals in the soundstage?

I would easily accept better sound over loss of the artifice which is soundstage.

Plus, you can liekly get the soundstage you like back by moving the speakers.


Got an U1 Mini myself, USB out to the DSJ.

My impressions are similar to yours buddy. There is a noticeable difference as to where the voices ‘are coming from’, although to me and in my system the SQ is very clear and so I kept it and enjoy it every day. Do you use it with the Leedh on?

Yeah, it’s weird that it’s changed the staging but the sound quality difference is fantastic.

I have both volumes turned off and it set to 100. Can’t hear any difference with them on. Did you notice a difference?

Did you also find the U1 mini needed burn in? I’ve had mine running 24/7 since getting it. I think it’s going from good to excellent

Yes I did notice a slight difference and so I do not keep it fixed at 100.

I think you will notice a considerable improvement (or should this be our own ears adjusting to the new gear in place’s sound??) after around the 100th hour mark. That’s what happened in my case anyhow.

Congrats on the Mini, in conjunction with your PSA it should sound really cool. Bet you’ll start toying with the idea of maybe going for the U1 (big brother) though :slight_smile:

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Also maybe experiment with cables if you feel a bit adventurous? For example, USB to the DSD or AES/EBU to the DSD although in the latter case I think it does convert to PCM instead? Since I’ve got a thumbdrive with all of my native DSD downloads connected to the Mini, I am using the USB -pretty basic Audioquest cable yet it sounds sublime!

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Thanks mate. I’ll have a play with the volume settings.

I’m going to leave it playing 24/7 for the next week or so. That should do the trick. :wink:

I tried the AES but didn’t the like the sound. I’m running an AQ coffee USB to a matrix x then outputting via i2s to the DSD. I will need to try usb direct but it’s sounding fantastic…

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Would have tried the Matrix too but I’ve got a DMP and a Junior hence only 1 I2S available.

Good luck mate and do report any changes as your U1 Mini settles in.

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I’ve had the U1 mini for just under a week now and it’s been playing 24/7 (thanks Roon Radio!).

I’ve found in the last 24hrs the sound has really started to settle and stabilize. As a test I did some a/b testing between it and usb direct from my mini Mac core. The U1 mini wins hands down. Where previously I had a little EQ applied on the mini Mac I’m finding the U1 mini sounds a lot better just running flat. The sound stage issues I reported above have also pretty much gone but were probably helped a little by me angling my speakers in a tiny bit more.

Very impressive little unit. Highly recommended.

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Does anyone know what OFS means? Comes up when playing MQA. Can’t find anything online to tell me what it means.

This is mandated by MQA, Ltd. A DSP stream processed in Roon is called “MQB” by MQA and the display must display “OFS” instead of “MQA.”



Please keep us posted on how the U1 Mini opens up after a couple of weeks. They say 24/7 for 2 weeks on that guy before it settles in. Been following another forum with a guy from Lumin in it.

Will be buying one of those in the next few weeks. Anxious to see how you feel about it after break in. Will be replacing a PC just like you…

Hi mate

The lumin U1 mini has evolved significantly over the last week. I’m finding the initial negatives around sound stage have completely resolved and the overall sound is rounder and warmer.

Typically I find myself not having a comparison but in this case I’ve also had my Roon core connected directly to my DSD which allows me to a/b test on the fly. Initially I found little difference but now the U1 mini is the clear winner.

I’m also very impressed with the functionality of the unit. It has an auto sense function so you don’t have to change inputs manually - it just detects where the signal is coming from and automatically switches over. The inbuilt upscaling is also as good if not slightly better than Roon.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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All those things sound great. I should have mine in about 6 weeks.

If you don’t mind, I’ll check back with you in a couple weeks and see if there any more improvements.

I know this won’t be my “forever” server, but I have to get away from this PC. This seems like the best first step. Especially with all you are letting us know.


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I have the same set up with Magnepan 3.7i. VERY happy with the U1 Mini. It completed my long journey to go 100% streaming.

You guys are making me jealous, but not for much longer.

I am gonna be bringing my signal from the U1 Mini into an Innuos Phoenix and on to the Matrix just as I am doing now with my laptop. It sounds pretty damn good, but I know that the U1 Mini will add a level of sophistication I have not yet experienced. And with all you guys are saying, I know I am making the right choice moving away from the PC.

Please keep us posted…

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Latest update.

Things seemed to have settled now after about 100 odd hours of use. Very much locked in and sounding superb.

Today for the sake of experimenting, I bought an AES cable to run between the U1 mini and my DSD. Obviously can’t upsample to dsd128 like I normally do via usb but even with no upsampling it’s sounding great. Not sure if it’s better but it’s on par. Might be a way to save some $$$ as the AES cable cost me 1/3 of what my AQ Coffee usb cost.

Will report back once the AES cable has had some time to burn in & settle.


I had really good luck with a Wireworld Platinum AES/EBU cable when used with a Aries G1. I thought it sounded as good or better than a comparable USB cable.

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Well, I got my U1 Mini on Friday and got her playing some music to burn in. Friday night was almost unlistenable with the flatness and “digititus”. But Saturday night sounded much better. I am going to be disciplined and give it the full 24/7 for two weeks as has been suggested before I do any “real” listening.

Curious how your AES/EBU experiment went. I will be trying that as well when I am on vacation in 4 weeks and after the MINI has had its break in time.

I won’t have to break in the cable though, as I have been running the Triode Wire Labs AES/EBU out of my Matrix for close to a year now. I run a Curious Evolved into my Phoenix then out of the Phoenix with a Curious regular into my Matrix. Have to say, even with a stupid old laptop (with Fidelizer and JPLAY drivers) it sounded very good. Hoping the MINI will surpass after break in…

Let us know how the AES/EBU did in comparison to your USB…