Lumin U1 versus Bridge 2

Has anyone compared this streamer to Bridge 2 ?
Thank you for your inputs.

Nobody ?
Any input highly appreciated


The best chance you have of getting a comparison between those two would be over at AudioSharks forum. I have only owned the D1 and the Bridge 2 so can’t help you other than the software similarities. However I don’t use Roon.

I own a Lumin U1 and the Bridge II. I like the U1 and believe it sounds better. Also like the external linear power supply with the U1 and the Lumin music software much better than mConnect or other alternatives.

The U1 sounds more open with a bigger soundstage. Of course I use the Directstream DAC with the U1.

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How are you connecting your LuminU1 to the DAC?

I’m using a Wireworld Platinum Starlight AES/EBU Cable

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Thanks. Are you using the mini U1?

Thank you @sfseay : very useful, and thank you @dawkinsj , I will check that out.

Using the Lumin U1, not the mini. The U1 should outperform the Bridge II given the price differential.

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Indeed. I am curious about the mini U1. Wonder if it performs on nearly the same level as the U1?

Will the U1 Mini be better for you than the U1, It really depends on how “resolving” your system is. Perhaps the U1 is overkill for my system, but having had the Aurender N10, N100, Auralic Aires G2 in my system and ultimately settling on the U1, I believe the Lumin U1 is the best sounding pure digital transport in my system and for my ears.

I’ve got the best of PSA: BHK300s and BHKpre, DSDac, DMP, P20, and PBN M2!5 speakers. I’m afraid my bridge2 is going to damage something with bursts of distortion 4 seconds after playing high res files.

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That’s why I am looking into Innuos, Nucleus and Lumin.

I think the Lumin are the best in terms of looks. I would be interested in what you find if you can do a sound comparison.

I will try to get my hands on a demo.

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I’ve spoken with 3 retailers of Lumin and Aurilac streamers. Two of them said I will likely hear no SQ improvement over the Bridge 2 (with either brand), but, I won’t get loud bursts of distortion every time the bitrate changes! That may be enough for me to pull the trigger! LOL

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The proof of the pudding is in the eating :blush:

And the ticks and clicks on dsd files …

I had a DSJ going to BHK pre>BHK250. I sold the DSJ due to the Mconnect UI, not the sound. Bought a Lumin T2 and on the 1st song played an improvement was very noticeable. i had to turn down the volume and the bass was more defined. The UI is great, can upsample, the DAC can be bypass and use the T2 as a streamer. I have not had any connectivity issues since I got it about 3 months ago. I hope this helps.


Thank you @ccalderin