Luxman D-10X update as requested...8)

Hey guys…a little update on the D-10X some of you requested.

With the Luxman still burning in…and it does need burn-in time…it is…without doubt…the best sounding digital playback to date that I have ever owned…which in times past included (Denon,Enlightened Audio Design,Electrocompaniet,Wadia/GNSC mods,and PS Audio)…

Out of the box,I could hear the potential, but I new right out of the gate that it would need hundreds of hours + of play time to really shine…as does any piece of serious kit…She’s still burning in as I write…around 225 hours.

The D-10X does not seem to hold anything back…the sound is big,bold and beautiful…a totally fluid engagement top to bottom. Very smooth but not at all dark or having any hint of glossing over the fine details buried deep within the musical fabric of a recording… the sound staging capabilities and tonal balance are truly mind boggling.The way it handles the delicate textures and shadings on any given note from instrument and voice make for a truly sublime listening experience. This machine can go from a butterfly’s touch to a sledgehammers slam as fast as an indy car…with no lag…such a wonderful contrast within the musical presentation…truly wonderful to experience!

The pinpoint accuracy image placement is astounding,with such an ease that straining to hear minute differences within that stage are a thing of the past. The revealing nature of the artists musical intent can be heard and understood at a much higher level to these ears…sort of how real musicians play off one another in a live setting…I can now hear musically relevant cues that in the past were glossed over.This player digs so deep into a recording that sometimes I think wow!..where did that come from…even from well known recordings that I’ve played a hundred times over. Superb!!!

The attack and decay of the musical notes are splendid…fast,fast attacks and lingering decays into a black abyss …Oh,did I mention the bass? It is so profound,powerful,clear,musically articulate and deep that the whole musical presentation above it rides on the lower registers in perfect harmony.

And all this is from redbook listening …Of course, sacd is through the roof too… but my main listening preference is from my vast cd collection. If you ever get a chance to hear the D-10X…I’m sure you won’t be disappointed!

By the way…the DS dac is still an outstanding dac by comparison,and if I had not heard the Luxman and its fabulous virtues… I would still own the DS…its that good!

Thanks Ted for the great run!!! Looking forward to reading about the next mountain top from all the DS owners…8)



When I upgraded from the Luxman D-05 to the Luxman D-08u, my reactions were pretty much the same as yours. I never thought that I’d own digital playback that gave me listening pleasure on level I get from vinyl, but Luxman’s top level digital does get very close. The finely nuanced resolution of Luxman’s best digital gear really gets a listener closer to the performer’s musical message and intentions. Streaming is of limited interest to me and the internal dac of the Luxman serves very well for those needs on my part. One of the main reasons I switched to Luxman disc spinners was my dissatisfaction with drive reliability from other brands. Luxman is one of the few brands that make their own drives and should something go wrong, they maintain a commitment to stocking repair parts. I’ve owned Luxman gear off and on for forty years, there’s something very special about their products.


Just curious, did you mean D-10X?

Yes,thank you for the correction…

What a nice upgrade, congrats!

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Update…Have almost 400 hours now. WOW!!!



O.K.; but are you happier than that guy?


What do you think… :grin: