Lyra Kleos

Anyone have experience with it?
I just ordered a new TT and I’m thinking about this cart. I’d love to hear some thoughts.

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Yes on an AMG Giro, played through AR electronics and Vandersteen Kentos. Glorious.
What turntable and tone arm did you end up with?


Nice, with all the goodies, Kore and Lingo IV? The Dynavectors also mate well with the EKOS, as do the Hana. I have a Linn Sondek LP12 with the Ittok LVII, recently upgraded with Kore and LINGO IV. When it comes time to replace the cartridge I may opt for a Lyra, Dyna, or Hana depending on budget.

I went nuts. Got the Keel, Trampolin, Lingo 4, EKOS SE.
So NOW my system is done. Or that’s what I keep telling myself.

Treat yourself to the newly released Ekstatik. A tricked out Lyra!

Ekstatik | Turntables | Linn UK

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Yes indeed, I hesitated to mention based on price. Heard it when picking up my Sondek at ProMusica in Chicago. An exceptional cartridge well suited for either the Naim Arro or Ekos SE. Any plans to upgrade your phono stage with a new cartridge?

I’m very happy with my Pass XP-17.

Forgot that’s what you have, of course. I would be as well. With the Pass Labs and SabrinaX I’d consider the Ortofon Cadenza Black, or Windfield Ti. What does your dealer suggest, as set-up will be key especially if you can bring in your phono stage as well.