M700 mono blocks

Hi everyone,

I am relatively new to PS audio and the higher end of HiFi. It has been great reading and confusing myself in this new to me hobby.

At this time I am running these M700 mono blocks and have been reading how a lot of you have upgraded your power cords. So I thought I would do the same. I found myself a great deal on AQ blizzards. After making sure with a dealer online that these would fit. I pulled the trigger. To my surprise when I received these cables. They are 20A IEC. With a C19 end. This end does not fit as amps are 15A. Arg!!.
I’ve seen 20A male IEC to replace the ones in the M700’s.

Is this a desirable upgrade for these amps sound wise ?
Is this upgrade going to bit me financially in the future if I re sell them?

Look forward to hearing your thoughts

I would think it is more economical to get a C20-C15 adapter.

Welcome to the “Club”.

I would:

A. Send the cables back and get some correctly terminated; or
B. Buy a pair of these:

…before considering messing with the receptacles on the amps.


Good luck.

A cheaper option.

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Voodoo cable makes an adapter cheaper that Shunyata. I re-purposed a C19 cord with good results.


I did the same except in the opposite direction. Years ago I purchased the VooDoo silver 15A to 20A converter to power a Shunyata Hydra 8 also to good effect. Although their silver-wired converters are getting closer to the price of the Shunyata and their copper-wired version might serve you well.

Thank you for the feedback guys.
I was thinking this way as well with an adaptor. That being said I’m in Ontario Canada. I D on’t seem to be having much luck finding said adaptor.

The quest continues…