M700 power cord options

Any feedback on upgraded power chords for the M700’s? Would like to know any recommendations before starting down this path. Thanks.

With Class D amps I have had good luck with Neotech OCC copper power cables or Triode Wire Labs for more. Neither are bulky and difficult to maneuver. For less money Cullen Cables or Signal cables are “good buys.”

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Whilst I haven’t tried with M700 I really like the PS Audio AC-3 and AC-5. For the money AC-3 represents outstanding value. If your budget can stretch to AC-5 that should also be a good choice.
Does anybody know what cables PS Audio used with their Stellar stack at AXPONA?

We used the AC-12 power cables that we always use at shows.

Hey Paul!
Which power cord would be the minimum cost/starting-point one for the m700’s?

If you want really cheap & very good aim for the Supra LoRad 2.5 SPC CS

I have a pair of M700 driven by a Rogue RP5. I recently replaced the shielded inrerconnect with one that uses multiple twisted pairs with no overall shield. I now have an angry buzz that can be varied by moving that interconnect around. This tells me there is an EMI problem that is probably radiating from the line cord.

I’m in the process of building a set of shielded one meter line cords using shielded Oyaida 10-3 line cord. These are bulky and stiff but I’m hoping the shielding will solve the radiated EMI that is causing the buzz

It will probably be most effective to find a shielded interconnect you like as unless it’s a 60hz or 50hz hum, it’s likely not from the power cord.

I’ve had good luck with Anticables level 3 cables feeding my M700 monos. Just wonderful and a good price at $330. Also Audio Envy Mega 3p power cords are great ($270!). I have one feeding my P10 and it definitely was a improvement over my Nordost Red Dawn cable. Dealing with Audio Envy is great. Call them up and Captain (yes, his real name) will answer the phone and he’s the designer. He definitely knows his stuff!

I am late here but thought I would add.

I use Pangea 9se mkii cables on mine. They are 7awg and sound fantastic.

Also late but put PS Audio AC12 on my M700s and it increased the bass most notably. Also clarity. Don’t want to change any time soon.

Recently changed out the Chinese knockoff “garden hose” power cables with Audience Forte F3 on the M700s and the SGCD. I’ve enjoyed the results, and it didn’t break the bank.

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I’ve been quite pleased with both the build and performance of NRG Custom. 60 day trial and Nawaz is very pleasant to work with.


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I have Zu Audio Mission I’s powering mine. Sound great.

I’ll second NRG Custom Cables as a Canadian I Like to support our small business people. I use 4 of his cables including a custom 10 foot cable. Great prices, exceptional workmanship and really good performance. The .5 cable is 4.5 gauge and the .1 cable is 6.5 gauge.

Like Jazzophile, I’m using the Audience Forte F3 power cords with my M700s and SGCD. I noticed a larger improvement when replacing the stock cords with the Forte on the SGCD, but there are plenty of positives using these cords with the M700s as well. Most noticeable is the blacker background and tighter bass control. The Forte is a really great value!

I bought 4 AudioQuest NRG Z3 power cables and could not be happier. They are stiff, yes, and I had a bit of a struggle plugging them into my PS Audio Stellar Power Plant 3 to power the PP3, my Stellar GDAC and my M700 monoblocks.
I get it: did I hear a difference and improvement? Yes. Yes I did. And it wasn’t even subtle!
Not to diss AudioAdvisor but Pangea is apparently a house brand and I have replaced all my Pangea cables.