Magico speaker with PS Audio gears

I would like to hear people opinion regarding pairing PS Audio gears with Magico speakers such as S3 Mark II. Thanks.

I assume you are asking about S3Mk2 with PS Audio power amplifiers, particularly BHK mono or stereo?

S3Mk2 is not a difficult speaker and it should pair nicely with BHK. I suggest you trawl through the Magico S3Mk2 thread on Audioshark forum, you might find a BHK owner there.

You won’t find many Magico owners here in the PS Community.

Thanks. I currently have BHK 250, BHK Pre and DS DAC, with Focal Supra N2. I think that paring is pretty good in most instances, however, I had some listening fatigue, the treble is too hot with certain albums. I heard that Magico is more neutral, has more balanced tonality.

Are you in Hong Kong?

Radar will be able to demo BHK with Magico S3Mk2.

No, I am not in HK. So appreciate any opinion between these two different pairings, focal n2+PS Audio and Magico A3 or S3MKII + PS Audio. Thanks.

S3Mk2, of course…

I don’t see what this speaker choice has to do with the component choice. They’re 88db, 4 ohm speakers. You can only know by listening to the speakers to determine if you like their sound. At this price point, you have a lot of great choices.
I have two pairs of speakers from different manufacturers and I’ve auditioned both box style and planars, all with my PS Audio components and I’m confident that the components will get the best out of most anything.

Thanks. I will see if my dealer would allow home auditioning.

It’s common knowledge in the Magico speaker owner fraternity that Magico speakers sing better with some amps than others. BHK + S3Mk2 should be a good combination.

…and I’ll bet they’re all really expensive amps. I have a friend who has the S3… and his system is all Zesto. Sounds Magicascious!

Magico usually demo their speakers with Soulution or CH Precision electronics. Yes, expensive.

Just spent some time at my dealer listening to Magico A3 with Hegel 360 integraded amp, the dealer does not carry PS AUDIO brand. I liked it a lot. I felt that the A3 treble is smoother than Focal Supra N2, but I liked N2’s bass a little better. The image presented by A3 is definitely less forward than N2. N2’s soundstage may be a little wider than A3’s, but A3’s image is definitely more stable, but I was wondering if these observations had anything to do with Synergistic Research Blackbox and 25+ HFTs in my listening room. The Magico may cure my problems, mainly, some listening fatigue with N2, for example, N2 treble is too hot and forward for some of my violin albums, along with some other albums such as pop and jazz. I will go back to listen to Magico S3MkII soon.

I am wondering whether BHK250 has the ability to control Magico’s bass. Also someone commented that Magico’s treble could be a little hot, except the new A3.

I have a Magico S7 and has paired it with BHK 250 and M700, both with good result but the 250 is obviously better


Listening to Magico’s with the BHK preamp and Musical Fidelity M8 monoblocks, replaced Parasound JC2, BHK Preamp is warmer, more open and musical.

Which Magico?

One of the standout systems in my group of audionuts is Magico S7’s with BHK 300’s/BHK pre and Jay’s transport/DSD and VPI turntable with Pass phono preamp.
I could listen to this system for days and not get tired of it.