BHK Monos and Focal?

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I am looking for a new speaker for BHK Pre and Monos and i saw on Paul’s RMAF video that he had that system mated to Sopra 3’s. i have to believe that this is a stunning match-up but i have a couple of questions: first, i had a pair of paradigm S8’s that sounded wonderful for 20-30 minutes each listening but after that became very hard to listen to due to (i believe) the metal tweeters. I never had that issue with soft tweeter speaker. the question is subjective, but any reactions like this to any focal speaker? the second question is any thoughts or recommendations for other Focal speakers, may a bit downstream on the cost scale?


Many people consider the Be tweeters used in Focal speakers to also be somewhat forward so you really need to hear them to make a decision. Focal introduced a new but similar line to the Sopra’s at RMAF but I am not aware if they are actually available or not for demo. A step down in price range. Do you have a maximum dollar range in mind? A lot more options if you are willing to buy gently used.


thanks Jack! … i am liking Focal as i know that the PS Audio team is NOT going to a show with out 100% pearls… also, I know that you are right about auditioning, just no where here (PHX Az) to do so that i have found … gently used is more than OK as it usually means gently priced :slight_smile: … would like to stay max 10K for price… also looking at the Arias (seems big bang for $$) but frankly waiting for Paul (are you there?) to come a bit more out of the closet with what he and Arnie et al are thinking… Tom


Might want to call the US distributor in California and see if they can help. Appears there are showroom dealers in AZ and Listen Up in Albuquerque.

Other options in the range would to me be Nola KO, Vandersteen Treo CT or used/demo Quatro CT, Aerial 7T or if your o.k. with open baffle the new Spatial X2.


Paradigm’s Persona series speakers are worth a look.

You can’t go wrong with Focal’s6379196A-DC88-4C24-A492-CF9C253D219A.jpeg

dew1551 said

You can’t go wrong with Focal’s6379196A-DC88-4C24-A492-CF9C253D219A.jpeg

Very nice! What’s driving this system?


Focal’s Sopra (current), Kanta (brand new) and Electra Be (current) series as well as Paradigm Signature (discontinued) and Persona (current) series speakers all use Berilym tweeters. Albeit inverted domes for the Focals and traditional domes for the Paradigm. Paradigm now includes Berilym mid range drivers in their Persoma series. They also added perforated phase aligning lenses to the tweeters and mid range drivers to block out-of-phase frequencies which increases and smooths output without coloring the sound. These might help to smoothout the harness you mentioned with your Signatures

Being familiar with the great sounding Focal Electra Be series, you can’t go wrong with them the Kanta or Sopra series either. All good choices.

in between metal and fabric dome tweeters, are diamond domes. B&W 804D3 (current) and 803D3 (current). Had the very good 804D2s and all indicators are the third generation drivers are even better.

if you end up looking for speakers with a soft dome tweeter, Spendor D9s or Dynaudio Contour 60s would be on my short list.

Good luck, Kevin

The right and left by an octave v110 tube amp with ho e theater bypass and the center by a psaudio m700.

thanks all for the feedback and recommendations … one more query: any thoughts on Harbeth? i have 30.1’s which i do like and while still a bit focused on Focal am wondering about the bigger 40.2… i know that i do need to find a place to audition the Focal Be tweeter… regards

norton said

Paradigm’s Persona series speakers are worth a look.

Totally agree. I’ve heard the 7F and the 9H Persona’s and they are magnificent.

Had a pair of Spendor SP 1/2Es and a pair of Harbeth HL5 Anneversary editions. The Spendors were a little rolled off in the highs. The Harbeths were extremely musical. Always wanted a pair of the 40.1s now the 40.2s you mentioned. My better half does not like stand mounted speakers though, which means I don’t either. I can only imagine how good a pair of 40.2 and a pair of Rel subs would sound!

Like Paul and many other suggest, adding a pair of subs to any speaks you buy will really complete your system. B&W, Rel, JL Audio, Paradigm and Velodyn all make some great ones. Some B&W, JL Audio, Paradigm and Velodyn subs come with room correction software as well.

thanks all for the advice and recommendations - i did find the post about the new PS Audio speakers - thinking about selling my house :slight_smile:

on me now to ponder and audition … regards to all

I use most PS Audio gears with Focal Sopra No 2, wonderful pairing. I also use many Synergistic Research accessories, power conditioner, power cable, MiG2, HRT, etc. The treble is extended, detailed, but smooth, never harsh (well, on several rare occasions, such as harsh pop albums). I think I recently saw a pair of Sopra No2 selling below 10K on Audiogon.

I saw those, but doesn’t seem to be very interested in selling … tried to get more info and got the color … not sure i like orange anyway … will keep looking … thanks again!