Magnepan LRS too much for BHK250?

After months of having problems with my BHK250 driving the Magnepan LRS speakers I was convinced to send it in to you to get it checked. I got it back a couple of days ago. It is now MAGIC!!! I dont know what your people found but whatever it was they fixed it. They are now driving the Maggies without any problems, including the high dynamic pieces it was crashing on before. Thanks to you and your staff for correcting this problem.


Thanks for providing an update. I had sort of eliminated the 250 from consideration for a new .7 system that I’d like to build, but there is now hope again😊

I am again in despair about my BHK250. I think it is just not enough for the little Magnepan LRS at high volumes. The same problem that occurred before again happened. In a point of a high dynamic of a musical piece, the BHK shut down. I was playing Bob Curnow’s L.A. Big Band, The Music of Pat Metheny and lyle Mays, THE FIRST CIRCLE. This piece starts at medium volume and gets louder as it progresses. At a point of a high spot is when the event occurred again. Guess I’ll give up. The BHK250 drives my Merlin VSM’s beautifully, a speaker with a higher sensitivity. I recently got a pair of the Stellar M1200’s and they are amazing with the Magnepans!! I guess that’s where they will stay connected to from here on in.

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This is very odd. I have a BHK250 driving Magnepan 3.7i with positive results. No problems playing loud dynamic music. Can the LRS be harder to drive than 3.7i???

They are supposed to be very hard to drive. I have a pair of the Magnepan MG12QR’s and the BHK has no problem with them. I never thought this would happen…

They are tremendously difficult to drive; exceeding inefficient, very low impedance, current hungry.

Is there a way to verify the speakers are in proper spec? Perhaps it is them that is the issue and not the BHK.

My LRS experience is stated above, but yeah, it’s hard to imagine a BHK250 unable to handle LRS’s. I wonder if LRS’s can dip below 2 ohms?

You should reconsider. I have the BHK250 driving the .7 with great result though it took a lot of trials and errors on the speaker placement - even a movement of an inch counts!

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It likely happens when the Maggies hit a low impedance dip and shut down the BHKs. The M1200s are, as you know, considerably more powerful.

The speakers run perfectly well with the Stellar M1200’s…

Nothing wrong with my speaker placement to cause this problem…

Yes, exactly. There are very few speakers the 250 cannot drive.

Yikes, that is not a good look if a factory verified BHK cannot handle the baby Maggies, whatever the reason.

My only experience with LRS was at dealer auditioning the Rega Elex-R vs bel canto cs5i integrated amps, msrp of each under $2k. Neither had any trouble with the LRS at normal listening volumes over a one hour listening session. To be honest, had one of these much less expensive amps been unable to drive the Maggies I would have been disappointed.

On a side note, I wasn’t impressed with the LRS. Inexpensive, sure. But there are better speakers to be had for under a grand in my opinion. Even at $600, give me Kef Q150 (which I own as backup in third system) all day long. By contrast I was very impressed with a 3.7i audition (bel canto black electronics) I just could never get past the visual aesthetic (no way I could own in living room environment and remain married) but they sounded great.

I don’t follow LRS threads across the web but for those who do, are there widespread reports of other company’s amps being insufficient to drive LRS? Is this a big issue with these speakers for many amps?

I was responding to another poster who was looking into the .7

LRS appears to be power-hungry and particularly demanding if you need to play them at REALLY HIGH volume.

It just continues to boggle my mind, every time I see this thread bumped to the top.

I don’t have the LRS but I do have .7’s (both show the same 86dB sensitivity), and I’m running them from a Parasound Hint6 integrated. 270W into 4ohms. For current, it’s 45 amps peak per channel. It’s flawless.

With as much power I would assume the BHK250 has, I can’t believe that it can’t properly drive the LRS. 500W into 4ohms, right? How much current? Is that the secret sauce?

With a tested sensitivity of 80dB, and an impedance of 2.8 ohms between 400 and 600Hz, these speakers present a very difficult load, especially when played loud as described by the OP.

It sounds like this is a good reason to start with the .7 and skip the LRS.
I drove .7’s to occasional “party” levels very well with just 30 watts.
Everything seemed to play nice together, no drama.


I definitely believe the sensitivity of the LRS has to be much lower than 86db. They do sound great and perform flawlessly with the Stellar M1200’s…

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