Magnepan has finally updated their website

It’s still a work in progress, but they’ve finally dragged it out of 1970’s print brochure mode.


A significant improvement to say the least. Good on them.

interesting… looks like they’re planning to introduce online ordering, but all the options appear to be unavailable.

Like great wine, no site update before it is time!


Guess that’s the work in progress part.

could be, but if I were their WEB UI (or marketing) person, I would definitely put some kinda message on there saying, “online ordering coming soon, but for now, call us – or your dealer, yada yada.”

They do have a dealer network, so it’ll be interesting to see if they start doing direct sales.

I’ve been Magna-Curious for some time now. I heard them in a showroom some months ago and I was impressed. The love they get on the forum can’t be understated either. The site update does give the brand a boost IMO.

I believe LRS sales were all from MN HQ (in the US at least); no dealer sales.

No. My dealer here handled LRS but they came with a looong wait.

Right. Mine did too. Ordered Feb 10, received June 23.

Just curious about Maggie’s reliability / longevity. After watching that LRS assembly video (link below) that is some “old world craftsmanship” which is either a good thing or causes some variable quality issues. And, despite what the owner states “quasi-ribbons” do not have the same ultralow mass of a true electrostat because you have all those aluminum ribbons stuck to the Mylar membrane. Will be keeping my most loved Sanders Sound Systems Model 10e for the long haul.

During the old planar magnetic days it wasn’t the least bit uncommon for older Maggies to suffer some degree of separation of the copper wire from the Mylar substrate after years of service. My 20- year old MG1s had a tiny touch of it when I sold them in 1998. I haven’t heard of it happening now in the quasi-ribbon era, unless the speakers had been physically damaged in some way. Doesn’t mean it won’t happen, though. Time will tell.

My circa 2000 1.6s developed loose wires at about age 15. A press on the right spot usually held for a few weeks. They are resting comfortably in their box now.

The quasi ribbon variants use a different glueing method and has greater surface area as the really old wired ones. so its more likely they stay long if not indefinitely on the foil until the aluminium is gone due to corrosion (unlikely)