Need information of Magnepan and prices

Hi Everyone

I’m thinking of moving to the Magnepan since i love the very high crystal clear and clean high frequencies of these speaker, somebody here can help to provide me some informations like
the price of 0.7 series / 1.7i or the new model LRS

I went through some video on YT and find these speakers are the one i’m looking for long time
Please share me your experiences with them

I’m using:

  • PS Audio M700 power amp + SGCD preamp connect to the Monitor Audio Gold 200 speakers
  • TEAC DAC NT-505 and Pro-ject X1 turnable with Blue Otofon catrigde
  • All system powered by P3 stellar power regenerator with all Pangea AC9 power cables
  • All connectivity with AudioQuest Rocket 33 , Mackenzie XRL
    Quick question: Do we need to use sub woofer to complement for the low bass ? i’m still having the Rel T7i

Thank you everyone


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yeah, i know, but some says 650, some says over 700 bucks, Magnepan does not list their prices for each models.
well, not just only the prices i would like to hear the experiences of peoples who using it


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I bought .7’s in early 2020 and they were $1500 a pair. I think they might have increased a little, maybe to $1700?

I have them in a smaller room currently, and I have a pair of REL T7i’s also. They’re not really needed in that room, but for a larger room, I think they do help fill in some depth.

Running them with a Cambridge Audio Azur 851A integrated, which has plenty of power. I ran them with my Audiolab 8000A integrated (60 WPC), which was fine in the small space, but they are happier with more power.

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I’ve been running LRS’s since June, with PS Audio M700 power amp + SGCD preamp. The sound is sublime! Be sure to order MagnaRiser stands—worth the wait and the $275! ( Contact Shauna or Robert Raus

LRS’s were $650 + $70 or so in shipping .
Contact Eric Norgaarden:


thanks Palouse for the info . It sounds interesting to me
I have a question about the MagnaRiser, it is just a stand with no electric component inside, why it is so high for the price ?
I’m interesting in the LRS, seems like it is enough for my living room where I placed the Monitor Audio Gold 200, the M700 seems to work well with the Maggies, so the price can be vary up to the color and finish we select or they are all same price?

Thank you

I have a set of LRS’s they are absolutely incredible for the price. I liked them so much I recommended them to a friend. He ended up with 2 pairs. One he bought from Magnepan directly and another set he got on the used market because he was tired of waiting on Magnepan. He runs stereo REL 7tx’s and has a Hegel H190 driving everything. I drive mine with a Rogue Cronus Magnum II. For the money I can’t recommend these enough. I paid $698.75 after tax delivered. I hadn’t heard of the MagnaRiser stands. Maybe I’ll look into those.

As a side note I auditioned the Magneplanar 1.7i ($2400) against Dynaudio Confidence 60 ($50,000) at my local audio dealer. The Magneplanar lacked the bass of the Dynaudio but beat them in every other way. I was floored when I heard the price of the Magneplaner speakers. I mean there was a $200,000 setup driving them, but still, the price was lower than a good set of interconnects. Maybe it was their system as well… but in THAT system the Maggies won in price and sound.

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I have a pair of Magnepan 1.6QR’s and still thrilled 10 years later. Nothing at any price beats the lightning fast transient response of Maggie’s at ANY price. In reality the Improved Maggies are not sonically much different than the ones before it. Don’t hesitate to buy used. Get the largest panels as possible. size of panel = total bass response.

With Maggies… the room is the box. Acoustic treatments help. John Dykstra at GIK Acoustics understands dipole speakers like Maggies.

Maggies on the flanks, PS Audio Regenerator lower left, lower right Holo Spring 3 KTE DAC, top Golden Tube Audio SE-40 and DIY Pass Labs Aleph30, cabinet also DIY.

Also Magies love to be bi-wired. DIY Mogami speaker cables on the floor. Mogami W2921 @ $4.25 per/ft is terrific. Mogami W2921 4 Cond 14ga Speaker Cable | Redco Audio


Maggies need to be sized for the room. They make bass you can feel, but room correction is critical. Put a pair of bass traps on the ceiling for $300 and let’er rip tatter chip. They usually product more bass than advertised. Using a tone disk, bass was flat to 40hz and only slightly rolled off to ~34hz, and could be heard to 28hz but with more progressive roll-off.

Plus the speaker are light and easily moved. Tape marks on the run help with replacement for critical listening.

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How big is your room ?

Robert Raus makes MagnaRisers as a side job (He and his wife, Shauna, have day jobs). Each riser is handmade, each is specifically tuned to the specific Maggie speaker—including each spending time mounted to a speaker in a listening room. The are shipped in a way that will make Apple jealous, and his manual is second to none. A few extra goodies are also included, e.g., a pair of jumper wires for the LSR. He will also answer any and all questions personally.


the living room i plan to place the Magnepan is about 72 square feet, but the bed room is smaller , nearly 60 square feet which is suitable for the LRS, at below $700 of the LRS without shipping, I would like to try first

can we still use the bi-wire Audioquest rocket 33 for this Maggies? I see the back and seem the tweeters are hard wired, to be bi-wire we need to take off the hard-wired jumper ?

I stand corrected… The latest entry lines for Maggie do not have a bi-wire capability.

Monitor Audio Gold 200 to Maggie LRS, you say??? Interesting

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yes, want to try the Maggies … :slight_smile:

Love the top end of this LRS, want to try it in the bed room with another Cambridge CXA 81 or M700
Moreover , the LRS is about $700… something, not too much for a new try right?

I have a pair of 3.7is with DWM bass panels. My room is 16’ x 44’. I know, not the best shape for a listening room. Electronics are a Mark Levinson 390S CD player, Mark Levinson No. 28 preamp, PSA M1200 amps, AR turntable with a Denon 302 and everything is powered by a PSA P12. The sound, in my opinion, is simply amazing. Perhaps not the last word in bass slam but the imaging and sound stage is amazing. I bought the Magnepans from a The Listening Room in Chestertown, MD. I’ve been dealing with that shop since it was owned by Mike’s grandfather. Their customer loyalty deal is, If you’ve bought from us once, everything after is 10% off. I believe I paid $5400 for the 3.7is and $1440 for the bass panels. They can be fussy to set up. I still play with placement from time to time. Small changes can mean a lot. If you’re willing to put in the effort, the sound for the dollar is hard to beat. Mike has the LRSs in his showroom with a small subwoofer. If I couldn’t have afforded what I have, I could have been happy with that setup for a long time. He plays the LRSs with the small powered sub because that setup is cheaper and DWM bass panels and a decent amp to drive everything.


Thank you
I think i will go for the LRS for my bedroom, the music i prefer is maily for piano and cello. vilolin , guitar… and classical music in general.
The current gear with MA Gold 200 is still amazing for vocal, but i find it seem lack of the sharp and crystal high notes
i think i would start with the LRS first for the bedroom, i intent to spent 1K for the LRS and some bass strap on the ceilling , just start with this humble setup first.

I got my .7s in 2019 when they were $1450/pair. I believe they’re now somewhere in the vicinity of $1800. At the time I got my .7s, the 1.7i was $2200/pair. I don’t know what they’re up to now, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they were north of $2500-$2600.

Edit: and my .7s are in a system with a P3, M700s and a SGCD, so not very different from yours. Sources are a VPI Scout/Ortofon 2M Bronze through a Channel Islands preamp, a PST for disc playback, and a Node 2i for streaming. When the SGCD comes back from modification in Boulder, the Node will get replaced with an Aurender N100H. I also use a sub (Hsu), so I wouldn’t get rid of the REL if I were you. And I wholeheartedly agree on the MagnaRiser suggestion. And though you asked why so expensive, I think you’ll find if you look for other stands for Maggies, Robert’s prices are quite reasonable.